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 Come to Ranum International Summer School

     - A lifetime experience

Spend the best summer of your life at Ranum International Summer School. The purpose of the summer school is for you to have an amazing, fun and exciting summer holiday, while being challenged personally and academically. The time will fly!

Exciting activities will be offered during the Summer School, and you will have the chance to try out activities such as sailing, canoeing, mountain biking, dancing, football and much more! There will be 1-2 excursions pr. week.

Excursions to local lakes, forests or the Limfjord will be part of the weekly schedule. We will visit museums, larger cities and other exciting attractions in the local area. In addition, the ones staying all four weeks will enjoy a study trip to the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen!


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Teaching & classes

Academic classes are taught in English using English materials. In Danish, we will focus on language, culture and society, the Danish class is for beginners. Classes are mainly project-oriented and you will work individually or in groups on presentations of various themes.

About a month before the summer school begins, you will receive a questionnaire, where we will ask you to choose between having the Danish or Science class. All participants will partake in the English classes. In order to provide classes suitable to your level, you must also give yourself a grade in subjects based on interest and level. If you have any academic challenges, please let us know in when you answer the questionnaire aswell.

We offer an active and relaxing learning environment, where the focus will be to teach on the level of the class, as you will attend a class, which suits your English level. Oral English and communication abilities are our main consideration during the programme. The English lessons will fundtion as a supplement to the English training which will come naturally outside the class rooms, seeing that the summer school will be held in English. Therefore, the learners will be practicing their oral English throughout the whole programme.  

Science class consists of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We will take a practical focus on science by during experiments and exploring subjects relevant to the Wednesday excursions. If you are curious about how nature works, please join this class.

Is the Danish Royal family the oldest in Europe? How is the Danish culture differ from your culture? And what does en, to, tre..mean? In the Danish class, you will not only learn practical simple Danish, but also gain a better understanding of Danish culture and history.

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Our facilities

Ranum Efterskole College campus is 16.000m2and has 3 dorm houses

  • Gyms
  • Exercise room
  • Kitchens
  • Outsides fields
  • Gardens
  • Design room
  • Media room
  • Music studio
  • Cinema
  • Common areas with couches, televisions etc.

Moreover, the school has bikes, kayaks etc. available

During the stay the participants will be accommodated in Kærhuset, here they will share a room with 1-3 other participants. As a part of the stay, all participants will take an active role in the daily and practical functions at the school such as dishwashing, baking, cooking and cleaning. The academic lessons will be taught in our main building, Seminariehuset.  


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Courses and activities for all

The Summer School will be a combination of community, professionalism and experiences. We believe that you have the best learning experience when you choose your classes, as you will learn the most when surrounded with learners interested in the subject.

Part of the learning experience at the summer school, is being in a class with learners from different cultures, as you will experience how it is to live in an international environment.

A stay at Ranum International Summer School will strengthen your social competences and open your mind towards others. You will become more independent while you are getting friends from all over the world. As all communication at the summer school is in English, you will be in a unique learning environment, which will give you perfect environment to improve your Oral English.

Each of the participants have the opportunity to create their own personal schedule, depending on their interests. Maybe you will experience that you will learn the most from the profile subjects, because these will strengthen your ability to learn new things and think creatively – these experiences will be useful in your future academic endeavors. You can choose to have one profile subject throughout your stay or to have different subjects each week, however, you will have to give us your wishes before you come, and we cannot guaranty to have all the different profile subject each week, therefore we use your wishes to create a schedule.

Week 27

Week 27

Week 28

week 28

Week 29

week 29

Week 30

Week 300

The week schedule is planned around a 3 period’s morning, afternoon and evening. At the morning, you will have the academic classes, at the afternoon the profile subject and at the evening, there will be a variety of different activities, we encourage you to come with suggestions for activities during the programme.

The programme for the weeks are subject to change. Experienced teachers and youth counselors control courses and activities.

Profile Subjects

 gastronomi offsejlads offdans off

visueltdesign offmusik offwaterp off

Excursions and activities in the local area

Ranum International Summer School is located in the small village, Ranum, which is located south of the Limfjorden. Within a 3-5km radius, you will find forest, lakes, fjord and a number of historical and cultural sites. In the town of Ranum you can get the essentials in the local shop and you will also find a pizzeria and an ATM.         


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Application and payment

Deadline for registration and payment is no later than 4 weeks before the beginning of the programme. Go to our webshop for registration and payment. In the webshop, you can choose the programme package that suits your need, and fill in the application form with your personal details. You will receive a receipt after payment and you are now a participant at Ranum International Summer School!

4 weeks before the programme begins, you will receive a mail with information about arrival, accommodation etc. In the email, we will ask you to inform us of your wishes for academic- and profile subject and your academic level.

Apply here! 

2 or 4 weeks?

At Ranum International Summer School, you can choose between a 2- or 4-week programme.  As an extra bonus, the 4-week programme includes a 3-day excursion to Copenhagen.





Included in programme

8.800DKK Ca.1200€


Ca. 1344€


Ca. 2420€



Accommodation in small studio with 2 to 4 roommates




3 meals + refreshments a day every day




Academic subjects, extracurricular and activities




Excursion to heritage sites in Denmark




There will be teachers or staff at the school at all time!




Transportation to- and from Aalborg airport or train station




Summer school welcome package (Sweatshirt, t-shirt, backpack)




Bedlinen and towels




3 day study trip to Copenhagen




Practical information

Here you will find the information and terms about registration, payment and general information about the stay – therefore we hope that you will read this information thoroughly.

What will you get?

Meals, refreshments and accommodation is included as is courses and activities. There might be additional fees at extra activities and excursions that is not on the schedule. Ranum International Summer School has made collaborations with local attractions close to the school.

Arrival and departure

All participants must arrive on Sunday between 12-1.30pm. You can park your car on the parking spot in front of Kærhuset on Kærvej. Check-in is in Kærhuset and after you check-in, you will be shown to your room. On the day of your departure, you will have to pack your bags and clean your room and, for it to be ready for the next guests. Checkout is between 9-10am.


All participants will stay in Kærhuset, here they will share rooms with other young people. It will be part of the stay that all participants takes part in the daily practical assignments such as – dishwashing, baking, cooking, cleaning and cleaning of your own room at departure.


It is not allowed to bring pets at any type to Ranum International Summer School.


If you unexpectedly are injured during your stay on Ranum International Summer School, then your own insurance has to cover the costs.


Participants must have turned 14 at the beginning at the stay or have ended what corresponds to a Danish 7. Grade. The Participants on the summer school programme may not be 18 at the beginning for the programme.


In case of cancellation the following rules applies: If the cancellation is reported no later than 4 weeks before the beginning of the programme, the programme price will be refunded, in exception to a 1000DKK administrative fee. If the cancellation is reported later than 4 weeks before the programme begins, there will be no refund.

Likewise, the Ranum International Summer School reserves the right to cancel the programme, in case of a lack of participants until 4 weeks before the programme begins. In this case, you will of course receive a full refund for the programme. 

Social rules

The first rule at Ranum International Summer School is that everyone is committed to be considerate of others and participate actively during the summer. We priorities trust, open-mindedness and responsibility. It is important that you are familiar with the rules – and follow them. 

We expect social participation and a proper tone 

We do not tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination.
We do not tolerate threats, violence, vandalism or theft. Any violation will result in immediate expulsion. Vandalism on school property will further result in compensation claims.
We treat each other properly and we speak to each other in a proper manner.

We expect active participation

All activities in the timetable are obligatory. We do not tolerate truancy and we expect you to be on time – prepared and ready. 

Smoking, alcohol and drugs are not tolerated

The school is a non-smoking school – indoor and outdoor. We do not tolerate drugs of any kind at the school; any violation will result in immediate

We do not tolerate any abuse of media

We do not tolerate any illegal activity such as downloading illegal files on the school network. Any violation will result in suspension from the wireless network. We do not tolerate bullying via electronic devices or social media – including harassing photos or text messages. Any violation will result in immediate expulsion. When you register for the summer school, you automatically accept that any photos taken during activities and excursions may be published via social media for the benefit of you, your family and your friends.

Responsibility and security

All activities are covered by the school’s liability and business insurance. In relation to activities in the water, we refer to the school’s safety instructions on our webpage: All participants will perform a swimming test prior to water activities and may after the completion wear a swimming vest. If the participant is unable to complete the swimming test, he/she must wear a safety vest while swimming, but cannot participate on the profile subject in sailing and SUB boarding.

Parents must give their consent in relation to activities such as swimming, bathing, sailing, sports, dancing etc. when registering for the summer school. Parents must cover any expenses in relation to travels to- and from the school and participants are under parental responsibility when making such travels. 

Things to pack:



Writing utensils

1 block of paper

Toilet utensils


Windproof jacket/warm clothes/fleece jacket

Practical footwear

Indoor/outdoor sport shoes

Practical clothes for sports/cleaning/movement


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