40 Co-curricular subjects

Learners enrolled in Ranum Efterskole College will have the opportunity to combine their international IGCSEs, AS levels and A levels with subjects from the co-curricular program at Ranum Efterskole. As in coherence with our philosophies on “Inclusive Community and Learning” and “Participatory Democracy”, co-curricular subjects are initiated on learners' request and shaped according to their interests and passions. This means that learners enrolled at Ranum Efterskole, and in extension, at Ranum Efterskole College, have an unparalleled opportunity to be creative and imaginative, to be active in- and responsible for own learning experiences as well as their personal development. It is a truly unique opportunity for learners to create a personalised profile.

Co-management your own study

Co-curricular subjects often combine various subjects, themes and activities. Learners at Ranum Efterskole choose one co-curricular at the beginning of the school-year, whereas the variety of co-curricular for second and third trimester is determined between learners and teachers during the first trimester. Learners will then choose a new co-curricular following the cycles of the trimester. For learners enrolled under the global department, Ranum Efterskole College, there are a few differences in relation to flexibility, as AS/A level learners will follow AS/A level subjects the first and third trimester, whereas the second trimester is reserved for co-curricular.

Andreas Larsen, teaches: English, wakeboard and windsurfing at Ranum Efterskole (picture from Ranum Efterskole cable park)
Read a feature from Andreas´s surf trip to Brazil in Nordjyske Media

IGCSE Co/curricular 2014/2015

1st Term (Aug.-Oct.)
(6 lessons/week)
2nd Term (Oct.-Feb.)
(6 lessons/week)
3rd Term (Feb.-May)
(6 lessons/week)

Drama, The Dream Factory (London)

Media (Berlin)

Water Performance (Turkey)

Guide and RE Event Crew (Italy)

Diving (Malta)

Dance (Berlin)

Sailing (Croatia)

Gastronomy (Copenhagen)

Adventure Sport (Sweden)

Street Performance (Berlin)

Music (Berlin)

Visual Design (Berlin)

Riding (Austria)

Spear guns and Free diving (Norway)

Fit for Fightz

School visit (Nepal)

Culture & School Visit (New Zealand)

Winter sport (Italy)

Culture & Nature (Brazil)

American Dream (Miami)

Nature Trek (Nepal)

China Classic (Beijing)

Music Tour (Jamaica)

High School Visit (California)

African Performance (Morocco)

Culture and Conflict (South Korea)

Trekking (Nepal)

Inca Trail (Peru)

Conservation (Sustainability - Nicaragua)

Middle Eastern & Desert Culture (Oman)

Culture, Nature & Youth (Japan)

Roadtrip (New York, Washington)

Culture & Apartheid (South Africa, Cape Town)

American Football

Spea rguns and Free diving




Water Performance



Alpine Sport






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