Contrasts in a third world Country – Friendship School Nepal 

Do you have the courage and the inclination to visit our friendship school in Nepal, then the journey of your life awaits as well as a journey of enlightenment beyond borders.

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You will get a unique possibility to get to know a completely different part of the world, where family and spiritual values are more important than materiel goods. Here you will see the development from the middleage to present in frot of your own eyes. In the meeting with young Nepalese people, you will learn about both life in contrasted Nepal and about your self.

In this culture subject and on this trip, you will broaden your horizon and most definitely cross one or two of your personal boundaries. The trip contains both physical activities such as backpacking up a mountain, and the cultural and social aspect of living with a host family who barely speaks english. 

On the expedition we will visit our friendship school in a rural mountain village for 3-4 days. We will here take part in the everyday life. Then we will experience some of Nepals stunning nature with possibilities for trekking, rafting and perhaps enjoying the view of Himalaya. Hereafter we will go to The Kathmandu Valley, where we hope to visit a private high school and stay with the students for one or two nights. In this way we will experience the contrast between the poor village and the wealthy families in Kathmandu – and be guided around by local teenagers. In the capital we will also work with social– and political subjects such as women’s rights, NGO’s, electric cars or the like depending on your interests.

In this subject we will work with a lot of UN’s Global Goals for sustainable development since Nepal is a country where the background for the goals is very clear. We will especially work with ‘Good Health and Well-being’, ‘Quality Aducation’ and ‘No Poverty’.

Before the travel

In this culture profile subject, you will gain an understanding, through preparation, experiences and subsequent processing, of what it is like to live in a third world country such as Nepal. By concentrating on different themes within the Nepali culture, traditions, history and personal experiences, you will become fully equipped for this cultural meeting.

In our preparations for this trip, we will work with the social conditions in Nepal-among others, culture, religion, history, nature and geography.

You will also research for an article, film or lecture. The research before our departure will be the framework for investigations and interviews during our trip. Before departure you will also plan and prepare a smaller  project for teaching at our friendship school.

Physical training is also a part of the lessons before the travel.

After the travel

After we return you will prepare and give a lecture of your trip, experiences, and thoughts-either at the efterskole or for others who may be interested.


You must expect that the expedition to– and in Nepal is both physically and mentally straining. You should be ready to exercising before the travel (also in your sparetime) and you must be able to carry your own bag of aprox 18kg. You must have the courage and inclination of putting your self in situations far away from your comfort zone, and you must participate with an open mind ready to learn everything the fantastic and colorful Nepal can teach you.


The areas we visit are according to the Danish Embassy in Kathmandu and the Foreign Ministry safe to visit. We also have good local contacts, who assure the areas are safe.

Terms : Vaccinations: Hepatetitis A, Diphteria and Tenanus

It is your responsibility that your son/daughter is vaccinated for the expeditions. Passports needs to be valid 1/2 year after arrival home.


Self-payment  is approx. 8.300 DKK. 1. rate 5.000 2. rate 3.300


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