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Music is for you who wants to play music and sing in a choir.
We will be playing as a group and it is an advantage to be familiar with an instrument or singing, but this is not a requirement. We will challenge your musical- and technical skills, develop your basic techniques and introduce you to the many different styles and genres in music.

We will practice towards a mutual goal - that of performing for friends, family and other guests. If you are a beginner in this field, please speak with one of the teachers about your choice and interest in music.You will be taught in music understanding and history. At special occasions at the school, the music group may perform for parents and guests.

We have 2 fully equipped music studios. One of them with a Mac sound studio. We have 2 pianos, and we have choir, guitar and piano lessons in our evening curricular.

The Music expedition will takes us to London. We have via previous expeditions established great contacts in the established music environments in London and we will visit studios, perform on the street and see established stages. The content of the expedition is planned in detail with learners, who will also be responsible for guiding each other. Well-known ”must-see” tourist and historical sights are also an element of our expedition. We will learn of English culture - particularly the relations between Great Britain and Denmark.

Self-payment 1. periode - 2000DKK

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