Community of Ranum Efterskole College

The conceptualisation of ‘community’ presupposes a notion of being together, sharing something and/or having something in common. It is context-based and the definition of the concept may vary depending on world perspectives, values, traditions, and history etcetera. Ranum Efterskole College is in its own right a small community within other communities, and it offers the possibility of forming smaller communities within our community. We believe that the concept of community, not only describes our approach to code of conduct, but it also delineates our values and world perspective.

We believe it is of utmost importance that learners enrolled participate and contribute to our community, that being through learning participation, school community subjects and duties and/or being a good friend to ones fellow learner. There are many ways to contribute to a community and each individual will need to find his or her own way – it is our responsibility to ensure an environment that allow learners to learn and discover just how they fit in and how they contribute.

The Local Community

Ranum Efterskole College is situated in a provincial town in rural Northern Jutland, surrounded by open fields and picturesque nature. Ranum town has a long educational heritage, and many of the local inhabitants have close relations with the educational institutions here, either as neighbours, former learners, employees or the like. It is important to Ranum Efterskole College that learners enrolled here are aware of the school’s role in local society as well as their own during their stay. The school is an integral part of the local community and has close cooperation with relevant local institutions, associations and businesses.


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