The Tree of Culture

- is the logo of Ranum Efterskole College. The tree symbolises the diversity and the broadness of the school. The root and the trunk symbolises the diversity of the community, whilst the circle symbolises the global. 
Learners will experience moving out onto the thin branches, discover- and grab experiences and excitement to bring back to the community.

Enjoy your climb!

Global Learning and Beyond

 -  The slogan for Ranum Efterskole College captures our underlying philosophies of “Inclusive Community and Learning” and “Participatory Democracy” as well as our vision of offering something more than the conventional. It represents our unique combination of the Danish efterskole and the International Cambridge School, and it reflects our approach to global society. Moreover, and to some extent, more importantly, it is a guiding principle for how we  conduct ourselves as a school - It shapes our behaviour, informs our decision-making, guides our policy-setting and maintains our focus.


The purpose of Ranum Efterskole College is to operate a self-governing, independent international boarding school within the framework of existing rules on private boarding schools in Denmark. This obliges us to provide development for everyone through challenging activities in a safe setting, focusing on both the academic content and the personal well-being. Learners are encouraged to maintain a balance between learning and a wide range of extra-curricular subjects and activities, with sporting and cultural achievements valued equally. It is a primary objective to ensure that learners develop a healthy and quality based lifestyle.

Nature-sports and Imagination

Ranum Efterskole has two thematic focuses that supports our approach to learning;

Nature-sports are a concatenation of nature experience and sport in nature, in the wild. Nature becomes the learning environment, and sports the subject in which the learner develop a set of general competencies and skills.

Imagination is a general expression for creativity through an imaginative learning. Imagination is an educational process that provides insight into life, and puts the contemporaries in relief.

The idea behind these focuses is that sports and imagination are seen as a key interface between creativity, art, culture, sports and nature. The school regard this interaction as a training and development process, in which the learners ultimately will dare to seek own boundaries and to express themselves as an individual in the community.

It requires knowledge, imagination, courage and tolerance to navigate in a complex and ever-changing world. The interaction between nature sports and imagination creates a vibrant and spirited learning environment that can help to provide the individual with the social and academic skills that are needed for success in a dynamic global society.

“Inclusive Community and Learning” and “Participatory Democracy”

We strive to create a framework in which learners participate in decision-making, take responsibility for own personalised learning experience and personal development as well as interacting in our community. We believe that in order to prepare and empower our learners to the complex and dynamic world, it is a necessity that they live, learn, challenge, experience and push themselves. It is our responsibility to provide the support and encouragement, to create the safe and trustworthy setting, and facilitate a vision of being able. Moreover, we wish to demonstrate to our learners what it means to be one among many, what it means to be an individual with own needs and dreams in a larger community and what it means to contribute to society.

Our philosophies on “Inclusive Community and Learning” and “Participatory Democracy” are inherent features in school spirit and agenda. This is particularly evident in learners’ opportunities for co-management of extra-curricular activities as it is learners’ drive, creativity and imagination that determine subjects, themes, study travels and learning content. We have chosen this approach to inclusiveness, participation and democracy, because we ultimately believe the best way to learn is to experience!

This conversion of our philosophies into practical opportunities for co-management, underlines the uniqueness of Ranum Efterskole College – it is one of the most prominent features that distinguishes us from all other schools. 

Motto: 'Non Videra Son Esse – Not to seem, but to Be'

We regard it our prime responsibility to ensure that our learners become competent, confident and open-minded global citizens. We empower our learners through our community to take charge of their personal and intellectual development, we encourage them to challenge their fears and facilitate their dreams, and we establish lifelong friendships and networks. We believe, that through inclusiveness and learning, that learners after their stay here at Ranum Efterskole College, will dare to Be, rather than to Seem.     


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