The Educational Heritage of Ranum

Ranum Efterskole College is a self-governing independent educational institution and a Cambridge International School. Ranum Efterskole College was established in 2004 under modest conditions with a total of 86 learners enrolled the first year. The establishment of Ranum Efterskole College is the result of the local community and a small group of local visionaries’ mission to continue Ranum town’s long educational heritage and further local development. It was from the beginning an important factor that Ranum Efterskole College was to be more than the conventional efterskole, that the school reflected the global as well as the local, and that learners and teachers in unity would have responsibility for the development of the school.

Ranum Efterskole College has during the past 14 years indeed fulfilled its initial mission, now counting more than 400 learners and it has become one of the largest boarding schools of its kind.

The Introduction of IGCSEs and AS-levels

Ranum Efterskole College offers learners the unparalleled opportunity to combine the Danish efterskole with an internationally acclaimed and certified examination (Cambridge Assessment International Education). Ranum Efterskole College saw its first IGCSE learners in 2010 and its first AS-level learners in school-year 2014/15.


Ranum Efterskole College continuously aims to ‘better itself’, and strives for a dynamic process of development, thus reflecting an active and participatory learning experience for the school. We strongly believe that shall we inspire and encourage our learners to pursue and achieve their goals in life, then we must lead the way. It is in coherence with our philosophies on “Inclusive Community and Learning” and “Participatory Democracy”, and it illustrates our code of conduct - we want to go beyond!

Ranum Efterskole College is located in the northern part of Denmark, in a small town surrounded by open nature and situated on beautiful historical educational premises, dating back to 1848.


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