Dear Prospective Learner,

We would like to take this opportunity to cordially welcome You to the community of Ranum Efterskole College...

Ranum Efterskole College is a bilingual Danish and international boarding school for learners between the ages of 14 and 18. The unique combination of the Danish efterskole and the certified Cambridge Assessment International Education programme, offers learners enrolled at Ranum Efterskole College an unparalleled opportunity to prepare themselves, personally and professionally, to life in a complex and ever-changing world.

Intercultural Understanding & Competencies

We are part of an interconnected global society and we innate believe that in diversity, there are similarity. We believe tolerance and acceptance to be key elements in order to facilitate an intercultural understanding, and we believe curiosity and open-mindedness to be key elements in establishing 21st century competencies. The global department has become a most stimulating and rewarding feature among learners, teachers and members of staff in general.

Inclusive Community & Learning, Participatory Democracy - For You!

Ranum Efterskole is founded on the philosophies of ‘Inclusive Community and Learning’ and ‘Participatory Democracy’. We believe it to be our prime objective to provide a framework in which you and your teachers in unity contribute to the development of school curricular and activities. This, among other, in order to ensure you an understanding of community, democracy and responsibility, whilst also nurturing your personal development, your passions, interests and skills.
We strive to provide an environment where you feel safe, protected, supported and encouraged in your own personalised learning journey. When you leave our community, we want you to feel prepared and empowered to share your experiences with the world.


Ranum Efterskole College is part of a non-sectarian boarding school and more than 400 learners from all over the world study at our school. We welcome each and everyone, who wishes to be enrolled in our programmes and contribute to our continuous growth and development


               Yours sincerely

               Joakim Philipsen
               Head of College
               Ranum Efterskole College



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