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Join us at Ranum Family School for a fantastic summer vacation with your family, in week 27 or 28. Meet new friends, learn new activities and spend quality time with your family. 

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We have a lot of activities for all age groups. You can sailing, mountain biking, water sport, music or gastronomy. Some of the activities are divided according to age others are for kids, teenagers, parents as well as grandparents. You can choose one activity each week. Apart from the activities, there will also be assemblies with interesting guest lectures, singing and performances.

The day will start with a morning walk or run for the early birds and after breakfast, there is morning assembly. Until lunch and two hours during the afternoon, there will be activities. Before dinner, there will be time for a shower, relaxing with family and new friends or time to enjoy refreshments in the garden. In the evening, there is free time to enjoy the Danish “hygge” around a fireplace, spend time with activities in the gym or go to the “Café Grownup” when the kids are in bed. 

During the week, it is possible to join excursions to Livø, a beautiful island in The Limfjord, the North Sea at Svinkløv or Fårup Sommerland, an amusement park in northern Denmark. However, this will all depend on the weather. 

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The Family School gives your social gatherings, interesting activities and many new friendships. 

Day Program

07:00 am

Morning run 

07:30 am


08:30 am


09:00 am

Activity classes and Kids club

E.g. sailing, mountain biking, fitness, music, gastronomy and watersport (this depend on the weather and the participants but there is possibility for kayaking, SUP and swimming).

Kids Club with fun activities for the youngest. 

12:00 pm


01:30 pm


Joint activity for parents and kids. We welcome you come with suggestions for a shared project.  

06:15 pm


07:30 pm

Evening activities 

Lectures or activities planned by the participants.  

09:30 pm

 Café Grownup 

Strong values

Ranum Family School is based on values such as diversity and freedom for the individual in respect for the community. Therefore, it is important for us that each participant contributes with ideas for the content that is part of the program. 

Kids as well as adults can contribute with wonderful experience during the summer vacation both alone and together with family and friends. It is a great experience for the participants to help create evening activities, plan excursions, play music or be one of the daily speakers at the assembly. You can also arrange a board game or soccer tournament; decorate the assembly hall for the end-of-summer celebration and so forth. 

It will provide you with a lot of energy and acknowledgement to be active and participate in different parts of the family School. 

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Week program


Arrival at 12:00-01:00m. Introduction at 02:00 pm


The day program


The day program


The day program


Excursion to Livø, The North Sea or similar


Day program and Goodbye party


Cleaning. Departure at 02:00 pm 


The teenagers of the family (14-17 years) can also participate in Ranum’s international summer school from two to four weeks. The language will be both Danish and English, and, normally, we have participants from more than 10 different countries. Read more at https://www.ranumefterskolecollege.com/admission/summer-school


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Write usThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +45 9666 4400

The practical and other important information

Here you can find the practical information and other important information about your stay. We encourage to read it all thoroughly.

What you get

Apart from the classes and activities, the stay includes meals, refreshments, field trips and accommodation. 

Arrival and departure

Arrival for all participants are Sunday between 12:00-01:00 pm. There is parking in front of Kærhus on Kærvej. At Check-in our guides will give you a room, bedlinen, clothes package and additional information. On the day of departure, there will be time to pack between 10:00-11:00 am and clean the room so it will be ready for the next guests. The check-out time is 11:00-12:00 am. 


The participants will get accommodation in Kærhus where you will be provided with one room for the entire family. As part of the stay at our Family School you will all, in shifts, take part in the practical duties; dishwashing, baking, cleaning and cleaning of the room at the end of the stay. 


It is not allowed to bring pets with you to Ranum Family School. 


If you are injured during your stay at Ranum, it is your own insurances that must cover the expenses. 


The program is for the entire family. We encourage the 14-17-year olds to participate in Ranum International Summer School. 


In case of cancellation the following rules apply:

  • If you cancel your stay 4 weeks at the latest before the start of the course, we will refund the price of the course except from the administration fee of DKK 1000.
  • If you cancel within four weeks prior to the beginning of your stay we do not provide any refund.
  • In the case of illness and similar we refer to a cancellation insurance.

Likewise, we reserve the right to cancel if there are not enough participants enrolled 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the Family School. In this case, we will refund the full amount. 

Social ground rules 

The first rule at Ranum Family School is that everyone is obligate to show consideration for the other participants and be an active part of the stay at Ranum – this applies to participants of all ages. 

We expect social behavior and a nice tone 

We do not tolerate bulling, harassment or discrimination. 

We do not tolerate threats, violence, vandalism or theft. Violation of this will result in immediate expulsion. Vandalism on the school’s buildings or inventory entails liability to pay the damages. 

We treat each other with respect and talk nicely to one another. 

We expect active participation 

We expect that you show up in time for the activities which you have chosen – prepared and ready.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs  

The school is a non-smoking environment – indoors as well as outdoors. You are not allowed to drink alcohol on school, in town or on your way to and from school apart from the planned Café Grownup. We do not tolerate drugs of any kind and by breaking this rule it will result in immediate expulsion. 

Packing list – things that will be good to bring

Pencil and pen

One block of paper 



Windproof jacket/warm clothes/fleece jacket 

Practical footwear that suits the season

Shoes for indoor and outdoor use

Practical clothes for sport, cleaning and movement.


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