Friends Weekend, Vilsted Sø Løb and Vegetarian Lunch

Dear Reader


The week has quickly passed us by, and we are all getting ready for the Vilsted Sø run tomorrow morning. There are 945 students and parents that have signed up, so the school will be well represented tomorrow on the beautiful route. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone that is participating in Family Weekend on Friday and on Saturday after the run. You can find the weekends program further down on the page.

So welcome to this week’s newsletter – we will take a closer look at efterskole life and what has happened during the week. Happy reading!


Friendship Weekend

venneweekend 2

On Friday and Saturday, we welcomed some of the student’s friends from home to come find out what it’s like to be a student at Ranum. They discovered how the students live, and what their typical day withholds. They also experienced how many questions someone can have when they aren’t used to being at Ranum full time.

There were activities all weekend. There were some like, making friendship bracelets in design, watching movies in the cinema, and baking cookies in gastronomy. Other than that, there was a fun séance in the assembly hall, which you can watch below.

On top of that there was also a lot of “hygge” in the student’s rooms, lots of tours around the school, and a Counter Strike tournament presented on the big screen. All of the students were able to meet each other and their friends all over the school. Throughout the week we have heard throughout the hallways that it was a big success.

Thank you to all the friends who came out to visit us.

You can see all of the pictures from this link here:


Sustainable Lunch


We were lucky enough to receive a climate friendly and sustainable vegetarian lunch, which tasted heavenly. The kitchen makes a delicious vegetarian meal at least once a week.


Visit from Hong Kong

Hong Kong besøg

This past week we were visited by some guest students and teachers from Hong Kong. They come from our friendship school and followed both students and teachers around to classes, profile subjects, and evening activities. They also visited some of the local areas and took a trip to Aalborg. They received a large portion of Danish culture and efterskole life and it was a pleasure to have them at Ranum.


Ready for the Vilsted Sø Run

vilsted sø klar

We have been training every week from the beginning of the year for the run, and the time is finally here. Tomorrow morgen is the Vilsted Sø run and family day, and we are ready to find out if the morning runs have made a difference. We are looking forward to welcoming the many families that are planning on visiting throughout the weekend. There is a program on Skoleplan.

The picture is from last year, we are hoping the weather will be in our favor tomorrow.

The students went to Culture Subject working yesterday and they had to decide on their trip in January. The focus of the meeting was to discuss other cultures, and all of the 20 plus options the students have to choose from. You can see all of the pictures just by clicking through.


The Coming Week

Next week will we continue with efterskole life and there will also be the Harvest Party.


Have a great weekend!

All of us at Ranum Efterskole College

Home Visits, WaterSports Weekend and culture subjects

Dear Reader


One of the best things about the efterskole life is that every week is filled with new experiences. We are only four weeks into the year, but it still feels like the year started months ago. Experiences are in a long queue, and it’s making the community stronger and stronger with every week that passes. If it’s true that one year at efterskole is equivalent to seven human years, then it’s maybe not that strange that we feel so much time has passed. In theory, we are 28 weeks into the school year.

It has been a lovely efterskole week, and you can read about it here.


Home Visits

Første Hjemme Hos 2019

This past Wednesday, the contact teachers opened their doors to their contact students and invited them into their homes. The students traveled around to their contact teachers’ homes and had a night full of laughs, games, good talks, and just a little bit of preparation for the coming weeks. It’s a great tradition that brings all of the relationships just a little bit closer, by gathering outside of the school.


WaterSports Weekend


This past weekend was watersports weekend where students were able to try all sorts of different water sports, such as; surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, wakeboarding, sailing and diving. Most of the students were in Rønbjerg at the Maritime base and were able to try all of the different water sports.

Søren participated in the weekend activities and this is what he had to say about it:

During watersports weekend we had the opportunity to try all of the different water sports activities. All of these activities could potential be our next profile subject. I went surfing in Klitmøller, and it was awesome. We had a lot of experienced surfers that were able to help us better ourselves and make sure everyone was safe. For some time, I have been in doubt about what I should choose for my profile subject in the third period. But when I was riding the waves, all of my doubt disappeared.


Goodbye to AFS

We were so lucky to have a visit from a group of fantastic young italiens. They stayed at Ranum as a part of their AFS program, and we were so happy to have them here.

Ciao for now!


Culture Subject process is in full swing

Nepal 1

There has been a lot of focus on culture subjects recently. The students have picked their first and second priorities, and the culture subjects also slowly starting to take form.

Below is a story from a previous student who traveled to our friendship school in Nepal. She explained why she chose to travel to Nepal and what it meant for her.

“I will soon be traveling to Nepal for the third time. My first time was with Ranum, and the next was with my mother. Now I’m taking the trip again, with three of my best friends who I met at Ranum.

I didn’t think I would choose the trip to Nepal when I started at Ranum. I thought I would be going on a luxurious vacation to Hawaii or Tokyo. My mother convinced me that it would be exciting to try something completely different, and she was right. The best experience I had, was when we first arrived at the school, and were greeted by a flock smiling happy children. We were able to stay with some of the families on the mountain, and I have never met such generous and giving people in my life. I can’t wait to visit them again in October. It was so special to try waking up with a view over the mountain and go to school with the children, where we also were able to teach and play with them.

Thank you for the visit and we will see you later!


The Next Weeks

Tomorrow is the first day of Friends Weekend. There a lot of fun activities planned so that the friends will get a feeling for what efterskole life is like.

Next weekend on the 14th of September is Denmark’s most beautiful lake run. You can still sign up, and for students and parents, you can use this code, so you don’t have to pay the signup fee.

Sign up at

Have a great weekend from all of us here at Ranum Efterskole College


Have a great weekend!

All of us at Ranum Efterskole College

Culture Subject Votes, Ranum Magazine, and Windsurf

Dear reader

featured 300919 2

We are walking into a very important period here at Ranum. It is finally time to pick a culture subject, and that is something that takes a lot of time. This week the students started the voting process to pick a culture subject and trip for the second period of the year. The unique thing about Ranum is that the students are able to create new subjects. If they have an idea, they can suggest it, and if enough people vote for it, then it becomes a trip! On Wednesday, the students got the first bits of inspiration. Two of the trainees, Sille and Emily, gave a presentation about how they decided on their culture subject, and their own trip to Malaysia. On Thursday, all the students and teachers assembled in the gymnasium for a creative workshop about all of the culture subjects. There were 5 rounds, and the students were able to go around the hall to hear about all of the culture subjects they were interested in. After that, they had the first vote, where they chose their first priority, and second priority. It’s a difficult process to narrow down all of the awesome choices, but it teaches the student to prioritize where their interests lie.

Other than that, the efterskole life is in full effect. There are numerous evening activities, good spirits in the rooms, and a bunch of fun activity driven subjects. Everyone can notice that the students are slowly learning how to be an efterskole student. We are going to touch more on that in this week’s newsletter – happy reading.

Culture Subject Afternoon

All students and teachers have the opportunity to suggest a new culture subject, and the process began on Monday. A bunch of exciting subjects have been suggested from all over the world. Many have been given a little prize, of a piece of chocolate, after a good talk in the principal’s office. It is so great to see how ambitious and passionate the students are about experiencing a new and different culture.


Everyone met in the Festsalen (assembly hall) on Wednesday for an introduction and presentation about previous culture subjects. Many ideas were shared, and the students debated about where they have dreamed to make a difference.

If you would like to read more about culture subjects, you can visit our website here: Profil- and Culture Subjects


Ranum Magazine

The marketing team has been working hard to finish this year’s Ranum Magazine. The school’s DNA and visual expression is shown here, and it is updated every year with new stories from different students. In the magazine, you can read the whole story about what kind of school Ranum is, and all of the opportunities you would have as a student at REC. The last corrections are being made, and we will share the magazine with everyone that follows Ranum on all of the different platforms as soon as it is online. So keep an eye out for it, and if you have any feedback, feel welcome to send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In the meantime, you can look at previous magazine in our archive and see how the schools has changed the design throughout time. You can see that by clicking here.

Skærmbillede 2019 08 30 kl. 11.06.51

Windsurf and Photography

The two profile subjects Windsurf, and Photography had a super cool day in Trend as beginners in their subjects. The sun was shining, the Limfjord was calm and the water was nice. Both the windsurfers and photographers had the opportunity to practice with each other, you can check out the pictures below.

Fra haven til maven – From the garden to their stomachs

Asian cooking broadened their horizons and went on a hunt in the garden behind Ranumhus. There are plenty of vegetables and herbs that fit perfectly in the Asian kitchen. The teacher who teaches this subject, Ning, passes along traditional and exciting recipes for Asian dishes.

Featured 300919

New EVS Volunteers

The European Voluntary Service, or EVS is a fantastic and exciting program that gives young volunteers from all around Europe, the opportunity to work in another country and learn about another countries culture. We have welcomed Dahiana, who will be here for a whole year. You can read more about the EVS program here:

Efterskole Day

There is only one month until we open Ranum’s doors to everyone who is interested in hearing and learning about life here at Ranum. Do you know anyone that has earned an unforgettable efterskole year? You can send them this link here if you think they would be interested:

We can guarantee a fantastic day where you can experience efterskole life, eat good food and learn about what it is like to be a student here.

The Next Week

Watersports weekend starts tomorrow morning and there are luckily lots of students that are staying at the school and participating in all of the activities that have one thing in common: WATER. The Maritime Base in Rønbjerg will be getting lots of visitors. Everyone who wants to try sailing, wakeboarding and paddle boarding will be visiting the base. The students who will be surfing will be traveling to KIitmøller.

Next week there will be the first home visit, where the contact teachers open their doors for their student’s, and they all eat dinner together. They spend the majority of the afternoon and a part of the evening together. It is always a good time.

Next weekend is Friends Weekend. This is something many of the students look forward to, because they are able to show, and not just tell, their friends from home what they are up to now and what Ranum is all about. It will be fun, and there are some surprises along the way. The students are able to invite a friend from home to try the efterskole life. There are lots of fun activities and time to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. 

Have a great weekend!

All of us at Ranum Efterskole College

Initial Interviews, Color Party and the House Cup

Dear reader


The students have left the school for a well-earned long weekend, and most of them are in need of a battery recharge. The first two weeks have quickly come and gone, and we are putting the intro week behind us and moving forward. Most importantly, it is finally time for the students to begin their efterskole life, and base it on the fantastic first week.

In this week’s newsletter, we will take a peek at the past week, especially the weekend full of fun activities. The color party, profile subject day and House Cup are some of the highlighted activities.

Enjoy the read!


Initial Interviews in Contact Groups

Throughout the week, each contact teacher held an individual interview with each of their students. They discussed what was most important to them about the coming year and what would make it the best it could be, depending on each individual. Since there is always something to keep the students busy, it can possibly be a mouthful all at once. The focus of the interview is for the student to inform the teacher a little bit about their character, what they are looking forward to, and why they even chose to attend an efterskole. Of course, it is also important to point out how we make the year stick out, how to make it more than just a good year, but the best year.

After the interviews, the students received their cellphones back for the first time since they arrived. It was very exciting for most of the students, but there were also many who easily admitted that it was a rather good experience to get a break from their screens, and that it allowed them to fully connect with their peers.

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Color Party

We gave a bit of information about the color party in last week’s newsletter, but now we can guarantee that it was such a success that it deserves another mention. There is a slew of awesome pictures of all of the students and contact groups in their creative costumes. Below you will find some of the photos from this memorable night.

Colour Party KTG BILLEDER 2019

House Cup

Throughout the year we will have multiple events that will require the students to assemble in each of their own houses and compete against each other. The first of many was House Cup, which occurred this past Sunday. The main focus is not placed on the competition but more so the unwritten importance of community building, being active, and of course having a good time.

House Cup

New Ranum Video

A couple months ago we had a visit from a very skilled filmmaker. His goal was to try to convey what Ranum Efterskole is, and what you can do at our school. Since Ranum is filled with opportunities and experiences, and many stories, it is a project in itself to squeeze it all in under four minutes. Here at Ranum, we are constantly evolving and developing, and each year the school is newly formed again by the multitude of students.

In the video a few students describe what it means to them to be a student at Ranum, and we are all very happy with the results. So, lay back, relax, and enjoy the next few minutes with the film below.

Marine Science Takes a Fieldtrip

Behind Kærhuset, there is a very unique spot that hold a very biodiverse lake, Vilsted Sø. Earlier this week, the Marine Science class took a little excursion to the lake to study the water and discovered lots of small and interesting marine life.


Creativity in Design

Visual design has some very exciting projects, and last time the students were tasked with encompassing what “fællesskab” (community) means in a single picture.

68879385 10220837169105490 4500930266541326336 n

The Next Week

Something that we are very much looking forward to next weekend is Watersport Weekend. The weekend is open for everyone who has a profile subject that has something to do with water or are interested in trying out some of the subjects. The students will be spending a lot of time in Rønbjerg, which is our maritime base. On top of that, we will be hearing a presentation from Henrik Jeppesen, who has traveled all around the world. We will be sure to tell about that after it has happened.



All of us at Ranum Efterskole College


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