Ranum Efterskole College is a spirited, stimulating and demanding environment, as is appropriate for the place where learners spend some of the most important years of their lives. Our ambition is to ensure that, by providing support, encouragement and inspiration, each learner fulfill his or her potential. 


While we innate believe the key to success in any activities lies with the learners involved, we cannot disregard that environment and facilities can provide the appropriate support, stimulation and opportunities for learners to apply their best, as well as for teachers.

Ranum Efterskole has learning, sports, residential and recreational facilities – all situated on school grounds. In total Ranum Efterskole boasts an amazing 20.000m2 learning-, activity-, and living area, with plenty of room for everyone.

Ranum Efterskole is structured around three main buildings – Kærhuset, Seminariehuset and Ranumhus.

Residential units, Kærhuset, Seminariehuset and Ranumhus

 - Kærhuset consists of dining hall and gastronomy-kitchen, common rooms, fitness room, Klubben (kiosk), and Imagination loft (Cinema and TV). Moreover, it accommodates learners in either 1-2-4-6 bedroom studios. The studios are bright and spacious.

Vilsted lake, the largest fresh water lake in Northern Jutland is located right behind Kærhuset and offers excellent opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking, fishing and more.

 - Seminariehuset is the main building of the campus and has a long history of education within its walls. Seminariehuset consists of, among other, ceremonial hall, lunch room, class rooms, school kitchen, Design workshop, Media workshop, and dancing hall. Bedroom studios for learners are located in the wing of Seminariehuset.

 - Ranumhus is the latest addition to our campus area, and is mainly a residential unit for learners and a few teachers. There are 45 bedroom studios, accommodating approximately 4 learners in each bedroom studio. The school bakery is also to be found in this unit.

In the local community of Ranum and nearby towns, Ranum Efterskole College also has the opportunity to extend its use of facilities, should activities require us to do so. We have, among other, close cooperation with Landal Resort in Rønbjerg – the largest activity center in the North.


The well-being of our learners and our community in general is imperial to our understanding of “Inclusive Community and Learning”, thus the concept of social learning becomes inevitable during a stay at Ranum Efterskole College. We believe that through cooperation and interaction with others, we learn about ourselves – that we through these processes gain and develop tangible and essential social competencies. 

It is important that learners feel safe and supported, thus we strive to facilitate an environment with a ‘homely’ atmosphere. The dorms consist of ‘en-suite’ bedrooms accommodating 1-2-4-6 learners, as to ensure the needs and preferences of the individual as well as laying the foundation for social relations of more private nature. 

Our philosophies on “Inclusive Community and Learning” and “Participatory Democracy” are coherent with our approach to boarding life in general. It is expected from our learners that they actively contribute to the daily routines at the school, and participate actively in various community subjects and duties, which include project weekends, OSO, kitchen duties and cleaning.


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