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Current profile subjects in the last period(P3) can be seen here (google translated).

Global Learning & Beyond...

The slogan for Ranum Efterskole College is a guiding principle for how we conduct ourselves as a school and it reflects our approach to the global society. We innate believe that we are citizens of the world, and that in diversity there is similarity. We strive to facilitate a learning environment; that encourages and stimulates our learners to become global citizens, that teaches them the values of acceptance, tolerance and respect for diversity, which provides them with the courage to explore beyond the familiar and known. We believe that our learners must experience and do in order to learn - thus it is a priority for Ranum Efterskole College that our learners travel to destinations worldwide, meet new friends from all over the world and open their minds, hearts and, more specifically, their school for guests from other parts of the world. 

Each red dot represents a location Ranum Efterskole College and its learners have visited, each red dot represents the location of old and new friends, each red dot represents the location in which a truly unique learning experience took place!

And as you can see, we have much to explore...


Profile subjects and travels on Ranum Efterskole College

Three times a year learners and teachers develop the new profile subjects. The selection process is part of the schools pedagogical goals. The long travels often include self-payment, and that means that everyone have to prioritise their resources throughout the year. There will always be travels without any self-payment and it is further possible to apply for individual support for both the stay and travel payment.

We are going out to see the world, and the world has to be a part of Ranum Efterskole College. We focus on the cultural exchange between youths and learners from different parts of the world. This shapes our own national and personal identity; no matter where in the world we meet.  


Brief information on profile subjects at Ranum Efterskole College

Each of the profile/culture subject periods ends with a 1-2 week travel to a destination, where the learners can out their acquired knowledge to use. During the years the school has visited more than 30 countries and cities worldwide, and thus created friendships across the globe. The three travels amounts to 28 days of travelling in total during the school year - hence we do not have a winter holiday here at the school ('vinterferie' in DK is usually in week 7 or 8).

The profile subjects can be combined with different themes, subjects and activities. Before the beginning of the year you will choose a profile subject for the first period. The subjects for the 1st period are planned primarily by the teachers on the school. Later in the year, the learners can come with suggestions for the 2nd and 3rd period. 

  1. The first period's profile subject, has to be chosen before the beginning of the year. The classes will be assembled on "New Learners Day” usually end of May, for a preliminary introduction to the subject. In the first period, the courses will focus on teaching the learners the skills they need for the profile travel in week 41. The goal of the first period is also to prepare the learners for the selection process for the second and third period. Teachers will have planned subjects in a way that will illustrate to the learners, what a profile subject is, how it is developed and how the learners can initiate and be an integral part of developing their own subjects.
  2. The second period's profile subject, will be chosen in the end of September. The learners and teachers have the possibility to form new profile subjects. The theme of the 2nd period's profile subject is World Citizen and Globalisation. Through a focus of both culture and activities we will meet other learners from all over the world, and get an insight in both our own and their ways of living. We have named this period the Culture subject and during the course we will prepare the profile expedition which will take place in January.
  3. The third period's profile subjects, has to be chosen in December. Once again, the learners and teachers can develop new subjects, and the learners are typically very active in this process. The aim is to use the experience from the first and second profile subject to combine interests, activities and cultural encounters. The theme of the third profile period is personal development, and this is especially accomplished when the learners meets other cultures on their own terms, and when they uses the freedom and experiences they have achieved from the first two profile subjects. The third travel for the third period will be in the beginning of April, which is before the written tests.







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