Unparalleled Learning

The combination of the Danish efterskole and the internationally acclaimed Cambridge qualifications offers learners enrolled at Ranum Efterskole College an unparalleled opportunity to combine subjects, activities and academic levels according to interests, skills and competencies. Learners have an unparalleled opportunity to be creative and take charge of their own personalised learning experience - a learning experience that also prepares our learners for high school, college or university here in Denmark or abroad. Learners enrolled at Ranum Efterskole College can choose to spend 1 or 2 years here, or combine with other international educations.

Ranum Efterskole College offers an extensive range of 23 IGCSE subjects (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

The IGCSE course is the natural first year of international study and the foundation for further international studies. IGCSE learners will choose 5 or 6 IGCSE subjects in combination.

Learners at Ranum Efterskole College will follow the general schedule and daily routines of the school. All learners will participate in our extensive co-curricular programme and the three study trips to destinations worldwide.

Different Academic Levels

All courses under Ranum Efterskole College are offered at different academic levels, giving learners the opportunity to combine academic course levels according to skills and interests. This means that each learner enrolled in Ranum Efterskole College is able to construct a completely personlised learning profile, by choosing the academic course levels that matches the individual learner in each course. Each course has 3-5 different levels.

We believe this structure to provide each learner with the oportunity to excel in his or her own learning journey and in their own pace. The academic course levels are flexible, which means that should learners desire to change one or more of their academic course levels during their stay here at Ranum Efterskole College, they can do so in accordance with increased skills, competencies and interests.

Co-curricular subjects

Ranum Efterskole College boasts an extraordinary array of co- and extracurricular and club activities for learners to be participatory in. There are approximately 40 co-curricular every school year and more than 50 extra-curricular subjects every school year, ranging from soccer and street performance to participating in Erasmus projects with other European schools - with many both mainstream and more quirky options in between. Learners are encouraged throughout their stay to take an active role in initiating and participating in the subjects, developing their own interests and taking the responsibility of leading activities with fellow learners and the teachers.

The variety of challenging activities provided and the expectation that learners are able to form their own learning experiences, are essential elements of Ranum Efterskole College's philosophies of “Inclusive Community and Learning”, and “Participatory Democracy”.


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