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Like so many others, I am a little worried about the state of our nature.

In Denmark, it can be said that the fight for nature has already been lost, but there are many other destinations on the planet that still have rich biodiversity. Nevertheless, these destinations are under pressure - whether it is climate change, trophy hunting, logging or tourism.


So my idea is that we go somewhere in the world and make a difference to nature: it may be we will count out Jaguars in Costa Rica's rainforests, but we could also clean an island for invasive plants somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Maybe we should work with orangutans in Indonesia, or what about giant turtles on Galapagos?

Therefore, there is no destination yet – there is the name Pan-Tropical Conservation: Pan-Tropical is somewhere in the tropical belt, and with Conservation we cover the idea that we're going to make a difference.


To the parents:

This is a travel destination where we will challenge ourselves- students are likely to live, sleep and live in a tropical environment. Learners will discover that they have boundaries and they look forward to finding them together. However, we will not cross them - the safety of learners is the highest priority and we are very aware of this when we go to more challenging destinations.


Requirements for participants:

This subject is for the learners who are passionate about making a difference when it comes to nature. It will be hard work mixed with pleasure and magnificent experiences. There must be openness towards meeting people with a different culture and other living conditions. You have to be ready to grab a shovel, a wheelbarrow and having the smell of raw fruit as your reward. A large part of the tasks we could be put on will involve observation of animals and their movements in nature, so real interest in the animals and their living conditions is almost a requirement.



Ranum EC 3-150x150 heine

Heine Kiesbüy


Self-payment  is approx. 10.600 DKK. 1. rate 7.000 2. rate 3.500

Max. 20 participants 

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