China - Kungfu and Spring Festival 

China, the third biggest country in the world, has a long history for 5000 years. It is also a modern country and the second largest economic market. You will experience a lot of wonderful things when you travel to China. We are going to wander on the Great Wall, which coves like an 8,000 km long snake up and down the mountains. We can try to get an impression of the more than 800 buildings that form the Forbidden City, China's Imperial Palace for 500 years. We will have about 1 week’s professional kung fu training with teachers in Kungfu school. Moreover, this year we are so lucky that we can experience Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) in China.


The trip starts in Beijing, the capital city in China. We will stay in a hotel which locates in Hutong. Hutong is a residential area with narrow streets. There is a garden in the middle of four houses, which surround the garden in a shape of square. You will definitely experience both traditional and modern China side by side, from the busy street vendors to the big shopping centers, from the pensioners morning exercise to the tricycle.


3 days later we are going to our Kungfu school in Wudangshan, a city in Hubei province. We are going to take an evening train, on which there are beds for passengers to sleep. At Kungfu school you will have the opportunities to spend about a week with Chinese young people and adults, who dedicate their lives to kungfu now. We are going to live at school and have lessons for basic kongfu, pratical qigong and learn Wudang style Taichi. Wudang Mountain is famous for training martial arts, especially for Taiqi and qigong, together with the Taoist philosophy. When we stay at school, we will have Chinese lessons, play with the Chinese students, talk with Sifu Yuan Xiu Ganag, who is the kungfu master in the temple of Wudang mountain. We are also going to climb to the top of this mountain and experience its history and greatness.


The culture trip in this year is quite special. We are also going to experience the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) in China! It will be a fantastic experience for sure. Chinese New Year is the most important festival and holiday in China. It is just like Christmas in the western world. When people celebrate Chinese New Year, there will be a lot of interesting traditional activities, for example, hang up red lanterns, danse the dragon and lion dance, play the firework … What’s more, people are going to make a lot of delicious food! You’d better not miss the chance to experience all of these!

About the subject


China is not only a travel destination but also a culture subject which will have several hours’ lessons for some weeks. You can’t just choose China for the trip, but you should be interested in Chinese language and culture. Chinese culture is both about its history with emperors, kung fu, silk, temples and Chinese medicine, family life, work, environment and politics etc. We will have lessons in the classroom; in addition, we will make Chinese food in the kitchen and practice Taichi and kungfu in the gym. Furthermore, we have chosen two global goals as our project topics. For goal No. 11 “Sustainable cities and communities” you can choose a subtopic for your interest. It can be how Chinese people protect the cultural relics. For goal No. 3 “Good health and well-being” you may do some research about, for example, why Chinese people eat so many dishes for dinner (normally 5 different dishes for a three persons family) but won’t become fat or how can we stop smog.

If you are fascinated to the eastern world-from the emperor palace to the skyscrapers, from the food making to kung fu, and if you want to know the Chinese teenagers, to see how Chinese people’s daily life is like, then you should choose China. 


Ning Xu  
Ning Xu
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Self-payment  is approx. 8.000 DKK

+ evt. collective cancalletion insurance 350 DKK

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Suggested pocket money 1.000 DKK

Vaccinations: Diphtheria-Tetanus + Hepatitis A 



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