European Roadtrip

The culture trip will involve a visit in 3 big cities in Europe, and mainly the eastern part of Europe. We will visit cities that has had historical and societal meaning to the development of Europa, and cities where the Eastern Europe culture will be the center. 

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We will put our attention to the culture and the meeting of cultures in the different cities and how the old Eastern Europe meets the new western culture.

In the culture subject, we will be working with the different destinations. We will investigate the history behind the cities and get a better picture of the cultures within the cities.
We will also be planning the program and activities of the trip to ensure the students’ impact on the trip.

The culture subject will also focus on the following UN sustainable development goals:

  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Climate action


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Uwe Groschel
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This is a culture trip that gives the students the opportunity to take part in the planning process of the trip. The activities and the final destinations will be a part of the content in the culture subject.



As of now the destinations are not under any political issues. We will of course travel through the countries with awareness.


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