As Ranum Efterskole College uses the Danish waters, as well as the ocean for both diving, surfing and sailing, we think it is appropriate to focus on educating in sustainability. The seas around us are in decline, and if nothing is done soon to correct the problems, it will have consequences for all of us. People as well as animals and plants.

We leave a lot of waste and chemicals when we stay on / in the water. Therefore, we will explore the possibilities of sustainable materials, for example, for surfboards, surf wax, neoprene-free wet suits, paints, etc. On the trips we go on, we can see that there is a lot of waste along the coast, and there is a need for attention among the learners. This subject is for you if you want to use the ocean for different sports, but who also want to make a difference.

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We are in the process of a thorough investigation of possible collaborators, also to get good ideas for possible travel destinations. There are plenty of opportunities for a good, relevant and instructive teaching.


Ideas for the lessons

  • Excursions to Danish coasts, focusing on cleanup of plastic and waste.
  • Beach art - focusing on waste.
  • Guest teachers and experts.
  • Get out of the house, to create awerness on the problem.

With inspiration from other project, we will attempt to collect money, which must be invested and donated, to a suitable project/organisation. Together we can make a difference.

Ideas for projects:

  • Collect bottles and cans. – on the beach and in the local area
  • Create events with sponsors
  • Collect things for a auction in the assembly hall
  • Go to the beach and sell coffee to the tourists – create awareness and receive donations
  • Run for the ocean – sponsor run for teachers and learners. E.g. for each lap around the school the sponsor donates X amount to the runner – which all goes to the project



Self-payment  is approx. 12.000 DKK. 1. rate 7.000 2. rate 5.000

Max. 20 participants 

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Andreas Tvedebrink


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