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Join us for a musical tour through time and space to Jamaica, and experience a music culture that can be traced over the whole world.

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean and was formerly
a British colony. Most citizens originate from Africa, but there are also many Chinese, Indians, Arabs and Europeans, which is the reason why the music can be traced back to many different continents. Jamaica has, however, created its own sound, which is evident in genres such as ska, rocksteady, dub music and dancehall, but most famously reggae.

We will in our classes work with the music style and music history-by playing, listening and reading. We will concentrate on culture, history and religion in order to understand the emergence of Jamaican music.

On our expedition we will go out and experience the music, investigate what it means to the Jamaican people. We will find an opportunity to play for– and with Jamaican musicians, visit a Jamaican school in order to see to what extent music is part of their school days.

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After our return to Ranum, we will illustrate and communicate our new knowledge and competencies by playing a
concert and give presentations on the Jamaican music
culture and history.

Jamaica is for you who finds music interesting, as well as history and culture. It is not important whether you can play an instrument or not,
but an interest in Jamaica, cultural music and particularly reggae, is on the other hand, very important.  

Vaccinations: Hepatetitis A, Diphteria and tenanus
It is your responsibility that your son/daughter is vaccinated for the expeditions. Passports needs to be valid 1/2 year after arrival home.
SELF-PAYMENT: 9.500,- KR. - Visa is included 



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