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In the culture subject Japan, we will meet “The Kingdom of the Sun” – a fascinating country where people live in the contrast between high technology and tradition-based customs and virtues.


In order to participate in the Japanese youth culture and sense the amazing history up close, we will study topical issues such as sustainability, overpopulation, religion, history and geography, etc.

As an important part of the process, you will choose your own area of interest which you will work on independently during the preparation period before the journey. You get to choose which topic you wish to study depending on your interest in etc.

The journey

We will travel though Japans old and new capital. Which means that we will travel through the worlds larges capital, surrounded by temples and imperial palaces, where we might experience a mystical volcano, visit an ecological house, make our own noodles, try a real karaoke place and come face to face with a Japanese school class, where we will discuss our future dreams, school culture, possibilities and the trends in our and their culture. The exact plan we will make as a group.

If you are interested in Japan and its fascinating culture – or wish to be – then join us and have a unique travel experience which will inspirer you for the rest of your life.


As part of the culture subject you will have to prepare a presentation of your work with an emphasis on your topic and combine it with our experiences and observations on the trip.

During the trip, you will find information and documentation for an article, photo and or video. It will also be possible to experiment with virtual medias such as creating a blog, homepage, Facebook page or to create vlogs for Youtube 


Self-payment  is approx. 8.500 DKK. 1. rate 5.000 2. rate 3.500

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