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The aim of this trip is to teach and assist at a refugee school in Malaysia, where the funds are significantly smaller than we are used to. The school is exclusively driven by volunteering, as it wishes to offer education to everyone regardless of origin and social status. You will gain insight into an alternative school, but also learn that there are different teaching methods than those we use in Denmark. In addition, we will focus on the encounter with the Malaysian culture and the difference within Malaysia, and with this knowledge create awareness and debate about how we live.

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In this culture subject you will gain an understanding on how it is to live in a country like Malaysia, where the living situation depends on the family's social order. This applies both to the preparation, travel and after we return home. You will be prepared for a cultural meeting with different social groups and learn how to pass on your new knowlegde.  The purpose of the journey is for you to develop as a person and move your personal boundaries, through the experiences from the foreign culture. Malaysia provides a great opportunity for this as the country is composed of many different cultures, due to its history. In teaching and traveling, you will work with quality education, peace, justice and strong institutions, as well as less inequality, all of which are part of the UN's world goals and therefore in line with Ranum Efrerskole College’s principles.

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Academic work

As part of the preparation for the journey and the foreign culture, you must immerse yourself in various topics within the Malaysian culture, tradition, religion, geography or history. In this connection, you must prepare a presentation, and present it to the other students on the team. You will make teaching plans and materials for teaching at the Hilla Community Center School of Friendship School in the capital Kuala Lumpur, where you, in groups, receive a class for which you are responsible. The teaching will primarily be in the subject mathematics, English, music, nature / geography, visual arts and sports. The school is already a friendship school, which is also clear as they have Ranum Efterskoles logo on their jerseys, and the REC friendship school emblem hangs on the school wall. In addition you will research on a self-chosen topic before and during the journey so that you can present your new knowledge about the subject after the travel.


The travel

In addition to teaching at the friendship school, you will be able to experience Malaysia and its culture on your own through homestays, in groups of 2-4 people, where you will stay with refugee families and Malaysian AFS families. We will try to arrange a visit and overnight stay with a tripe at the rainforest. The travel will teach you to acknowledge you own privileges and use them to help others, as you will be responsible for teaching the students at our friendship school for 3 days.

You will get an insight into the country, through a lecture at the Danish Embassy, cultural experiences and sightseeing around Kuala Lumpur. You will also have the opportunity to break your own limits through adventure disciplines, bathing in hot springs and meeting the rainforest's bugs and animals.

After returning home

After the trip, you will have to prepare and present a presentation of your travels, experiences and reflections through your self-chosen topics. Before the trip, we will train presentation techniques. Here you will work with print media, virtual media in the form of a blog / website / Facebook and video reports in connection with your presentation of the self-chosen topic. This will subsequently be presented as part of a newsletter, a photo wall at school, an introduction video for future learbers, as a lecture at school or as a presentation at parent’s day at Ranum Efterskole College.


Self-payment  is approx. 7.500 DKK

+ evt. collective cancellation insurance 350 DKK

Link to shop:

Vaccinations: Hepatitis A, tetanus. (See


You will all receive a label with emergency numbers in the country, the school number and numbers of the teachers. In addition, it is a rule that you only move around in larger groups during the journey, which also applies to homestays where you will all live within walking distance of the teachers. For more information on safety, see the document safety manual for the travel Malaysia.


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