Culture and trekking - Nepal 

If you want th challenge yourself and dream of trekking in some of the most beautiful nature in the world and get close to a fascinating culture, then you need to go to Nepal



In the class and on the trek you will get close to the amazing Nepalese culture. Trekking trough the Nepalese highlands and living with local families give a unique indsight into Nepalese lifestyle.

There will be physical challenges in the trekking, as we walk with our backpack up and down the hills, and there will be social challenges, living with Nepalese families who might not understand English at all.

You must be ready for a trek that can be hard, but also truly rewarding. You will gain a new insight on how life is in a developing country like Nepal, and you will also experience how children and young people live their daily life.

Finally you will also experience the culture of Kathmandu, the vibrant capital of Nepal.

Before the trek:

In the classes we will work with Nepalsese culture, nature, history, nature and geography.

There will also be physical training so the body can be ready for the hard work ahead. We will do a all night trek in Denmark to train.

You will also be asked to do a presentation about a specific topic to train your presentation skills.

You will, in a group, do research for a movie, article or lecture. We expect that you can do independent research and also do extra physical training on your own.

After the trek:

Youi will share your article or movie with the world, or present your lecture before a group.



You need a solid pair of boots and a good backpack

You need to be in a good enough physical shape to be able to trek for 8 hours with a backpack on.

You need to be open and ready for adventure, We live with local families and eat local Nepalese food.


Nepal is considered a safe country to travel in. The reconstruction after the big earthquake is going well most places, and we travel with local guides who are experienced.

We will clean our own water during the trek.

All guides and teachers are experienced in trekking.

Vaccinations needed:

Tetanus, Hepatitis, Difery and Thyphus

If you come from a place where yellow fever is a risk, you need a documentation for vaccination against yellow fever.


Self-payment  is approx. 8.500 DKK. 1. rate 5.000 2. rate 3.500


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