Himalaya High Trek - Nepal 

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The purpose of the class is go gain an insight into the unique culture and nature of the Himalayans. The culture is a fascinating mix of Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian influence, and both Buddhism and Hinduism as well as other spiritual systems have a huge influence on people’s daily life.

We are going to do a truly hard trek in high mountains and thin air. You are going to meet your physical and mental limits, and experience how the body responds to thin air, hard work and local food.

The reward is getting up close with some of the most fascinating people on earth and seeing the world most stunning mountains up close.


The trip will be to Nepal, where we will trek up to about 4000 meters above sea level. The final goal for the expedition depends on our local partners, and the wishes of the students. We are working with possible treks in the Annapurna or the Langtang areas. We will live in local Tea houses of with local families or community lodges, and we will only eat local food. We will eat and live like people have done for hundreds of years in the Himalyas. There will also be time to see the temples and cultures of Kathmandu up close.

The trek is done with experienced local guides.

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Teaching in Denmark will focus on cultural aspects and learning about the history and nature of Nepal. There will also be a lot of physical training and learning about equipment for trekking.


We have highly trained local guides on the trek and the teachers all have a background in outdoor sports.

We will clean our own water on the trip. The teacher and guides have experiences with AMS and the profile of the trek will be so proper acclimation is possible to the thin air.

Nepal is generally considered a safe country to visit.

Demands for the students:

The trek is rated very hard. There will be many long hours of  hard trekking , and lungs and legs will be put to the test. It requires a strong will and a good physical shape.

All students need to train a lot before the trek and have a good and strong health.

All students need sturdy hiking boots rated for mountains and a sturdy backpack, as well as a full set of alpine clothing. We will help to find the rest of the equipment, and a lot of it can be bought a lot cheaper in Kathmandu, but there will be expenses if you don’t have the gear or can borrow it.

Vaccinations needed:

Tetanus, Hepatitis, Difery and Thyphus

If you come from a place where yellow fever is a risk, you need a documentation for vaccination against yellow fever.


Self-payment  is approx. 8.500 DKK

+ possible collective cancellation insurance 350 DKK

Link to shop: https://shop.ranumefterskole.dk/butik/kulturfag


Peter Friis Andersen

Thomas Sloth Larsen


Peter F. Andersen
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