New Zealand- Cultural, Exploration and Sailing Expedition

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Who are the original inhabitants of New Zealand? What are their traditions, and how do they uphold them? What is a Kiwi? What does Kia Ora or Aotearoa mean? These and many other questions will be discussed, researched and answered in preparation for your trip to New Zealand. New Zealand is an English speaking county with a somewhat different history.

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Why New Zealand? Cultural understanding.

Even though New Zealand is a very safe country to travel in and they speak English there are certain cultural differences we will experience whilst we are on the opposite side of planet Earth.

The original inhabitants of New Zealand, the Maori’s, came from the neighbouring Polynesian Islands more than a thousand years ago, they call New Zealand “Aotearoa”, the land of the long white cloud.

Prior to the trip we will research both the Maori cultures and the Kiwi cultures. Apart from being a non-flying nocturnal indigenous bird, a Kiwi is the affectionate name given to a person from New Zealand. We will try to understand some of the differences and clashes of the cultures.

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Isolated in the Pacific Ocean

New Zealand has a population similar in size to Denmark. They are however considerably isolated in the Pacific Ocean with the Antarctic to the south, Australia to the west and Polynesia to the north and east. This isolation is a driving force in the Kiwi Pioneer Culture.

The two main Islands of New Zealand are each approximately 1000km long and as the roads are a great deal slower than European motorways, travel times are much greater by road. With just 12 days to experience the culture and nature of New Zealand we have decided to offer a “New Zealand cultural road trip” on which we will visit both islands taking in both Kiwi culture, Maori culture and experiencing the Natural wonders of both island. The exact itinerary of the trip will be decided in agreement with the students.

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New Zealand - Sailing Expedition

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I previous years, we have sailed on America´s Cup sailing boats in Auckland harbour, which has been an amazing experience. This year, in collaboration with the New Zealand Sailing Trust, we have a unique opportunity to sail for 3-5 days on the iconic Steinlager II, at Hauraki Gulf north of Auckland. Steinlager II, shown in the picture above, won the Whitbread round the world race in 1989/1990 (now Volvo Ocean race)

As sailing is absolutely one of the schools most popular profile subjects, we are eager to combine a culture subject with sailing, in a country where sailing plays such a huge role in the countries’ culture.

Considering the present popularity of Sailing as a profile subject and New Zealand as a Culture subject we anticipate great interest for our new combined Culture and Sailing expedition. As there are only 22 places available on this trip, due to the number of berths on the boat and seats in the mini buses, we recommend you make a quick decision when the culture trips are made available.

Teachers on the subject/trip

Richard Brown
Richard Brown

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It is your responsibility that your son/daughter is vaccinated for the expeditions. Passports needs to be valid 1/2 year after arrival home.

Self-payment Roadtrip: Approx. 13.500 DKK

+ possible cancellation insurance 350 DKK

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