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At Ranum Efterskole College, we work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the culture subject Community Development cover several different goals. 'No Poverty' and 'Quality Education' are the two most dominating goals setting the framework for the subject. Moreover, 'Sustainable Cities and Communities' and 'Partnership for the Goals' are also included in the subject's formation and goals.

Destination and activities

The travel goes to Cusco, Peru, where we will stay the first few days to get accustomed to the heights of 3300 MASL.

Hereafter, we will travel out to the small community - Anansaya - in the montain district of Paruru, which is a few hours drive South from Cusco. We will stay with local host families in this rural community and hel pout with the daily chores.

For 3-4 days, we will every day teach the children of the community, who still are taught, even though we are in Peru during their national holiday. We will also go out during the day to help the community, i.e. by collecting mushrooms, cook or chop wood.

It will also be possible to do many other activities in the community, i.e. by playing or by making other learning activities with the children or i.e. the older part of the population as well - there are many possibilities!

During the rest of the travel, you will experience other parts of Peru. Here we will explore the area of Urubamba, the Holy Valley, where we will wander to the great salt mines - Salinas de Mara. Moreover, we are going on an inka-trek where we will walk and climb the many steps up to the legendary Machu Picchu, built by the Incas. You will also get the opportunity to come up with your own ideas regarding must-see destinations for the travel.


The following vaccines are obligatory for this trip: Diphtheria and tetanus shot as well as hepatitis A.

Peru is a relatively safe country with many travllers who never experience any crime. In urban areas, one should be careful during the evening/nights, particularly in specific zones. Moreover, one should be attentive to pickpockets in major cities. Before the trip, everyone will be given the phone numbers for all responsible teacheres, including the contact information to the Danish General Consulate in Lima as well as the police. Security instructions will be undergone before departure.

There are no specific demands to your physique before departure but since we will visit areas high above sea level (almost 4300 metres), please talk with your doctor prior to the trip if you i.e. have asthma, problems with heights, had knee injuries etc.


Self-payment is approx. 11.000 DKK

+ possible collective cancellation insurance 350 DKK

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