Coral Restoration

We are working on going to the Bonaire Islands (former Dutch antilles), but the destination has yet to be decided as it is very important to us to get a cooperation with a local school. Therefore the final destination will be to an area with a school we can cooperate with.

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In 1998 it was found that 97% of the coral reefs of the Seychelles archipelago were bleached and destroyed (due to El Nino), which affected marine life to an extreme extent and thus also the population dependent on fisheries. Following intensive restoration work with coral transplants and redundancies, one went from a 2% coral cover in 2012 to 16% in 2014


To study and experience the bleached and damaged coral reefs and contribute to the restoration of coral and coral reefs. Experience the role of the coral reefs biologically and socially for the population of the island group.Experience how to live and eat, and what thoughts the people of an island group do to ensure that production and consumption are sustainable.

UNs global goals

12: Responsivle consumption and production

13: Climate Action

14: Life below water

Activities and cultural destination

  • Diving and snorkling near the corals
  • Learn and help growing corals
  • Project idea: Have a ”lifetree” welted for the corals to grown on, as a new artificial coral rev
  • School visits
  • Cooperation with local fishermen

Conditions & Econmics

None, but a diving certificates – Open Water improves the possibilities to study the reves. Interested and motivated to study marine live and work on the project. Open towards meeting new people with a different point of view and living conditions

It will be possible to take a diving certificate (Open water) alongside the culture subject

Selfpayment for the subject approx. 11.000 DKK
+ evt. collective "Cancellation insurrance" 350 DKK

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Tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis a


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Kim Glerup
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