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The subject will have a comprehensive focus where we will both work with South African culture, nature and cooperation with an international school in Cape Town. Under these themes, we will of course work with Apartheid, Nelson Mandela and South African society. Preparations for the subject involve independent projects that we can use in the presentation of Ranum and Denmark at the school we visit. We must of course also work with the country's culture, political history, and explore how life is living in South Africa today. In the classes and on the journey we will focus on the following UN goals: Abolish poverty, less inequality, decent jobs and economic growth, peace, justice and strong institutions.

On our journey, we will visit…

Robben Island

District Six Museum

Tour of Langa Township

Visiting a School

Walk up Table Mountain

Bolder Beach

South African National Gallery

St. Georges Cathedral

Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point

SOS Children’s Village

The Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock

The Holocaust Museum

Possibility for safari



There is a small risk of terrorist attacks in South Africa, including against tourists and other travelers.

The safety of the most common tourist attractions is relatively high, and the vast majority of Danish travelers have a trouble-free stay in the country. However, travelers in South Africa should exercise caution due to the risk of violent crime, including armed robberies, assaults, car hijackings and thefts.


1. Before the trip, we insist that students never go alone. All activities take place in groups. You must not walk alone. On all walks, we are together or in smaller groups in selected places (eg Waterfront).

2. Before the trip we have equipped each student with the address and telephone number of the hotel. In addition, they have Matt’s and Mathilde’s telephone numbers.

3. On tours around Cape Town there is always a teacher who leads and a teacher who is at the back.

4. If the student is not present, we will call their mobiles.

5. We wait for 2 hours to see if the student find their way back to us or contacts us. They may have taken a wrong train or a wrong bus and have to find their way back to the group. If the student is not back between 2-3 hours after we have contacted them, we will call the parents.

6. If the student has disappeared after 3 hours, we will contact the police.

7. After 20:00, we will contact the police in any case.

All school rules also apply on the trip. If there is a breach of these rules, we will take care of it depending on the situation. In case of a gross violation (eg alcohol or substance consumption) we will, if possible, repatriate the student. All expenses for this are the responsibility of the parents.


It is important that the students are curious and want to experience a very different culture, meet young people from another culture and form new communities. Therefore, in the work before the trip, there will also be a focus on the social community of the team, so students learn to take responsibility for each other and engage in the journey as a joint project.

Students are expected to be prepared and committed to the culture subject at all times. Before and after the trip there will be parents’ days where the students are expected to present presentations.


Tetanus, Diphtheria, Hepatitis A


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+ possible collective cancellation insurance 350 DKK

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