South Korea - Cultural Meeting and Politics

The culture subject South Korea focuses on learning about Korea’s unique political history, culture and on a cultural meeting at Tajeon Christian International School, TCIS.


As preparation for the travel, we will focus on the history, the political landscape, geography, norms and modern tendencies including the country’s integration of western culture.  We will of course explore South Koreas history, which is intertwined with the Chinese’s and Japanese history. We will have the possibility to explore the Joseon dynasty and the Korean empire, at the same time we will learn about the modern history with the division of the north and south.TCIS groupphoto


The travel to South Korea will include a cultural meeting with students from, TCIS, as they kindly will host us in their boarding facilities. During our time at TCIS, the learners will follow the schedule of one of the students during the day. In the evening, the different dorms are going to make plans for our group. 


After a week in Daejon, we will gathered our things and take the train to Seoul. We will visit the historical and modern landmarks in addition to the famous districts and streets. In order to explore the Buddhist faith and philosophy, we will go on a one-day trip to visit the Buddhist temple, Geumsunsa, situated in Bukhansan National Park. Here a local monk will take good care of us as she guides us through the Buddhist beliefs and customs. We will be challenged to do the 108 procrastinations, a 4am morning ritual and a breathtaking hike up the mountain.


Last year, we were fortunate enough to experience the other end of the Korea’s cultural spectrum. As we spectated a live match of the computer game “League of Legends” at Seoul Giga Arena. A great experience for all to witness the atmosphere at the arena. We hope to repeat the success next year if we are lucky enough to get tickets.


Louise Højen


Self-payment is approx. 7000 DKK

+ possible collective cancellation insurance 350 DKK

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