Thailand a country full of contrasts

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The first thing you think when you hear Thailand mentioned as a travel destination, is sun, beach and crystal-clear water. However, Thailand is much more than that. Thailand can offer both hectic big cities and all types of nature.

The main topic for the culture subject Thailand is contrasts. We will experience the contrasts between big-city life in the vibrant Bangkok to the island life of beautiful Koh Tao (people, environment and culture), from restaurant to street kitchen, from polluted rivers to crystal clear lagoons and from international schools to poor village schools.


The trip to Thailand is not specifically a diving trip. However, we want to dive or snorkel, but it is primarily for you to focus on the protection and conservation of fragile natural areas. We will establish a cooperation with a diving center on Koh Tao and learn about cleaning of the sea for plastic and other waste. We hope to be able to work with endangered species - including turtles. The idea of the underwater course is to give you the awareness that you need to change the view of nature if you want to continue to enjoy it. You will be given the opportunity to come up with suggestions on how we can work with the protection of nature under the water.



In preparation for the trip, we will establish contact with schools in Thailand, so we are best prepared to visit them. We will endeavor to visit both a small village school, but also a large school in Bangkok. To give you an understanding of the contrasts Thailand consists of. In Bangkok, we get the opportunity to try a lot of Thai culture, but the program is not entirely fixed, as we want you to take part in the planning.



The lessons before the trip will be used to prepare material that will be used when we go visit the schools. In addition, we will work on topics such as, pollution, global warming, etc. which you will need to make a project about after the trip. Part of the lessons will also be spent on diving training, both theoretical and practical. In addition, we will invite guest teachers who can give us a great insight into Thai culture - including our own Thai AFS students.

Conditions & Econmics

Selfpayment for the subject approx. 8.500,- DKK. 1. RATE is 5.000,-DKK 2. RATE is 3.500 DKK
+ evt. collective "Cancellation insurrance" 350,- DKK 


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