US Miami

The travel will be a culmination of a globalization progress about Miami, and the American dream. Where we will focus on the overall themes of cultural exchange, Floridas geography and nature and the American lifestyle


Cultural exchange

We will gain knowledge about the American culture and lifestyle, by getting in contact with learners at a high school, meet the original population of Florida, the Seminole Indians and the meeting the Hispanic immigrants in little Havana. We will explore American architecture combined with Art Deco and artificial islands, where we will eat “real” burgers, taste the south states food, and experience a road trip on the highways towards Key West – where we will go in feet prints of Ernest Hemmingway – and try to mix in to the American everyday life.

UN’s Sustainability goals:  

4 Quality education


-          1 or 2 days at Biotech Academy High school in Miami zoo

-          Seminol reservation Everglades

-          Little Havana

-          2 day Road trip Key West

-          Hemingway museum

-          City trip Downtown, Miami Beach, Art Deco South Beach, Harbor


Geography and nature

Florida’s nature is unique. Miami is located up to the Atlantic Ocean at east, the Everglades national park at west and Florida Keys at south. At the west coast, we will sail towards the Biscayne national park, where we will sail out towards saltwater at the mangrove forest with kayaks, snorkel with Manatees and learn all about Florida Keys unique nature from the UD rangers. In the Everglades, we will experience the amazing flora and fauna and learn about the alligators, snakes and flamingoes. The group of Islands located at Florida Keys almost reaches all the way to Cuba, share the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico, and must be experienced from the waterside.


UN’s Sustainability goals:  

14 Life below water - 15 Livet on land



-          Guided day with Rangers in Biscayne National park (Kajak, snorkeling, presentations)

-          Swamp tour Everglades, Airboat ride, Alligator wrestling

-          Shark tour, Birds, dolphines and wildlife in Key West


American Life style and sport

Miami is a typical American metropolis; multi-cultural, lively and special. During the trip, we will move around in the American lifestyle, which we will experience and take an active part in.



-          Barbecue night in camp

-          Bowling Night

-          Beach volley

-          Golf crash course 

-          Miami Heat NBA Basketball camp with 25000 fans


Approx. 7500,- DKK User payment



Political right now it is no issues, however we will not visit critical areas of Miami. We are often at water therefore all learnes must have passed their swimming test.


Conditions & Econmics

Selfpayment for the subject approx. 7.500,- DKK. 1. RATE is 4.000,-DKK 2. RATE is 3.500 DKK
+ evt. collective "Cancellation insurrance" 350,- DKK 
Pocket money recomendation 1.000,- DKK


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