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What is adventure sport?

Adventure Sport is an advanced form of extreme competition where several different competition forms are included, which sets high demands to the learner’s competences and versatility. You need brute power, endurance and a good physical shape, but that is not all it takes to create a great time. You also need strategical knowledge, logical thinking, a clear distribution of roles within the team, sublime overview, great teambuilding abilities and amazing navigation skills. 

A world of disciplines

In principle, the learners can participate in a world of disciplines. During classes, the learners will get knowledge about different disciplines within the sport, e.g. cross-country running, mountain bike, kayak and canoe, and in liners. In addition to this, learners will get knowledge about navigation. En great navigator on a team is the one who makes the difference; a wrong choice of route equals a detour or at worst the team must head back to the starting point. 

The expectations about the unknown

A part of the fascination about Adventure Sport is the expectations about the unknown. Therefore, the leaners will not know the route for a coming race, while challenges or extraordinary tasks may occur to test the learners' abilities to perform risky and mentally demanding tasks under stress.

The rules do not break a sweat

Luckily, it is not everything in this sport that makes you break a sweat. The rules of Adventure Sport is for instance relatively simple. Every team begins at the same time and the goal is to get through the route as fast as possible. The entire team must work as a team through the entire route and make it to goal together. No man or woman is left behind. If one person fails, the entire team fails.  One race can last from 45 minutes to hours. However, no matter the length there is no predetermined pauses or breaks. It is the learners' own responsibility to decide if and when it is time for a break.  Adventure Sport normally takes place in beautiful environments of mountains, forest in another challenging environment. In addition, water in the form of lakes, rivers, seas or even rain will be hard to avoid. 

A sport in development

There is no dought that the sport going through development in both Denmark and many other countries around the world. Numbers can not tell how many people preforms this sport on a daily basis, however, a guess is that a couple of 100 hardcore practitioners is part of the sport in Denmark. The Danish elite group is, therefore, a small group who knows each other well and compete intensely to beat each other. However, Adventure Sport also exist for those, to simple wants to practice the sport as a spare time activity. Adventure Sport is beginning to such a popular sport that e.g. folk schools offer their learners this sport. In addition, it has also become easier to participate in races, as these are been arranged more frequently.

To complete is to win

As in any other competition, the goal is to win. However, because of the extreme level of difficulty, the first goal is to complete the race. Because of this, Adventure Sport often uses alternative ranking lists, which is not concerned with the ranking of the participants but when the teams have omitted from the race. Therefore, in Adventure Sport it is just as much about learning new things from each race, which can be used for all the races to come. One day everything will go according to the plan and the team will finalize with a great ranking. However, it takes time, effort and great teamwork, something we will practice during or classes.

The Travel

It is not yet determined where the leaners will travel to in the first period of the school year, however, it will be in Europe either Austria, Germany or Sweden.

Terms and payment

Terms: All the learners are insured for dangerous sport as much as 500.000 DKK for injuries which is not covered by the schools business insurance. We recommend you to read the security instructions for kayak/water activity. It must be expected a need for good equipment such as backpack, boots, a jacket that fits the climate and sleeping bag. You are also welcome to bring your own mountain bike. Please read more about out safety instructions here

Payment: There is a self-payment on approx. 2000 DKK. Link to the shop


 Steen M. Thomsen  
Thomas Sloth Larsen
Physical Education, Adventure, Alpine skiing, science, adventure, and house coordinator
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Steen M. Thomsen
IGCSE Combined Science, IGCSE English, Biologi, ICT, and Adventure.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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