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This profile subject is for you who like to challenge yourself physically, be part of a group with a high devotion of trust to one another and has a focus on teamwork. However, most importantly there is room for everyone no matter your level. The courses will include both theory and practice. The theoretical courses will examine cheerleading in a historical and cultural perception, in both the USA and Denmark. The profile subject will be an opportunity to learn the American culture surrounding cheerleading and through shared experiences, you will create a close bond with one another on the team. First and foremost, cheerleading is about teamwork and the travels become a way to strengthen this. 

The aim of the course is to increase the students’ body awareness and co-operation abilities. During the course they will work towards being able to present a complete cheerleading program to present at the visit to the high school in LA. Moreover, they will gain knowledge about the whole cheerleading culture and way of life, with a focus on the American and especially LA cheerleading culture. The course will contribute to the student’s experience of having a responsibility and contribution to the success of the project.

cheerleading ranumefterskole
 The travel will bring us to Los Angeles, USA: The travel will go to LA, where we will work with cheerleading in the high school culture, LA history, and the society today. The course will also consist of an introduction to the anatomy of the body, to the extent relevant to the physical training. The classes will be a mixture of lectures by the teacher, presentation by students both as individuals and from group work, we will also be watching relevant TV shows. The practical part of the course will consist of physical training, flexibility and strength training. We will also focus on increasing the students’ body awareness through various massage and relaxation exercises.

The destination for this year’s trip will be LA, this destination has been chosen due to the experiences from last year. Our aim is to visit a high school where we can meet the school's cheerleaders and possibly join their training. We will also attend a game to see professional cheerleaders in action. In addition to the cheerleading program, there will also be cultural events. After the trip, the students will work on making presentations where they can share their experiences with other students and parents.

Terms and self-payment

Terms: The learners must be interested to learn cheerleading and not only choose the profile subject do to the travel destinations. It is through the dance that the community is created and during the travels we will meet the culture and its people. 

User payment 1. period: Approx. 7500 DKK
User payment 3. period: Approx. 7500 DKK

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 REC Employees Circle website v3 151647 REC Employees Circle website v3 151656 Anita Lisby
Katherine V. Dohn
English, Danish, history and cheerleading
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Steven Bates
IGCSE science, math, swiming, cheerleading, and street performance.
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Anita Lisby Skals
Danish, physical education climbing, cheerleading, and
visuel design 

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