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The profile subject in confectionery is designed as imagination course, and it includes both physical work through creating and baking and creative work through the decorating of the creations, combining the taste experiences and by generally brining the senses and new cultures and people into the course.

The classes could include: Baking technics from base recipes, structures and form, making creams, mousses and decorations. Knowledge about theory and technical terms are need in order for us to work with the perfect tem-perate chocolate, dry macarons shells or the perfect caramel. We aim to specialize within the confectioner profession and hope to be able to create a masterpiece as a closer to the profile course.

During the profile expedition we will visit famous confectionaries, chocolatiers and meet other youngsters who are being educated in the art of confectionery. Our plan is to go to Copenhagen together with gastronomy in the first period and in the third periode we will go to Spain or Italy.

Confectionery is a student suggestion, and the aim is that the students will be part of the creation of the course. The class can be expensive in materials, so there might will be projects where the students have to contribute financially. We have a bakery at the school.

Self-payment 1. periode - 1,-DKK
Self-payment 3. periode - 3000,-DKK

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