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The goal of this profile subject is to make the learners experience the joy of dancing and movement. Dance at Ranum Efterskole College is also a very social profile subject, where the learners get to know one another through rhytme, dance and movement with the knowledge that we all have different starting points. Dance is aimed at those, who want to dance and train toward a mutual goal - to perform with dancing. Everyone can be in on this team. Beginners, as well as experienced dancers, will feel the joy of dancing. Choreography and dancing will reflect different levels in classes. In addition, the lessons provide the learners with the opportunity to develop a sense of body-conscious and an understanding of dance and how to express oneself through movement. 

We will challenge your technical skills, develop your technical foundation and introduce you to many different genres such as street dance, break dance, showdance, moderne and more. We will have several guest teachers, that are specilized in different forms of dances, visiting us during the course. Classes will also focus on music appreciation, and you will also have the opportunity to experiment with different dance sekvenses and excersices and to try to create your own choreographies using the skills they will learn and their own creativity. Dancers will perform at special occasions and events at the school.

The travel

In the 1st period, the travel goes to London: During the travel, we will visit several dance studios where the learners will be taught by the studio's instructors. We will also perform a Flash Mob in London. The fantastic atmosphere in London, which is characterised by history, culture and street art, creates an amazing scenery to the dance crew’s flash mob. Dance, music, street art and performances are tools in our attempt to learn about- and experience the culture and gripping history of London.

In the 3rd period, the travel goes to Hong Kong: Dance in Hongkon is a new initiative at Ranum Efterskole College and will be a combination of dance and culture. We will visit a private school where we will perform and exchange dans with other students at the school. We will also visit dance studios, where we will be taught new dance skills. We will try to grasp the unique culture and history of Hong Kong, so the students can experience the artisitc life of dance and perfomance.

Terms and self-payment

Terms: The learners participating in this profile subject must be interested in dance and have the courage to perform. Please bring shoes and practical clothing for dancing. 

User payment 1st  period: Approx. 2000 DKK (London)
User payment 3rd period: Approx. 7500 DKK (Hong Kong)

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