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Drama means ‘to act’ and we will act during this course, which will be 75% practice and 25 % theory (which we will then put into practice). In this subject, your ideas about both theatre and yourself will be challenged, when we try Method Acting (American acting method), performance and privacy-theatre (the later European acting method), as well as the Russian method (the Danish acting method). Previous years, we have had visitor from the drama community, e.g. Kieron, a London-based Shakespeare actor, came to visit our class to teach us more about the life of a true Shakespearean actor.

It takes courage to stand up on a stage - and courage to see yourself.

The Travel

The profile travel will go to London or perhaps Berlin. The travel will feature at least one visit to a theatre school and participation in a workshop, as well as visits to thetres and other cultural events. You will read various texts and see videos in both English and Danish during this course.

Terms and self-payment

Terms: The learners in the drama class must be interested in acting, writing plays and dare to get her/himself into deep water to learn new sides of ourself during the profile subject. 

Self-payment for the 1st period: approx.  2000DKK

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Uwe Gröschel

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