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The profile subject electronic music will explore the electronic music world and all the different genres this world includes. Throughout the last 5-10 years, the electronic music world have grown and electronic music have moved its way into the worlds music charts. Genre such as EDM, house, trap and dubstep have found its way to music festivals and large events, and is now one of the larges music genres in the world.

In the course, we will go through the different music genres and learn the steps there is in creating these styles. The classes will be based on the wishes and interests of the group. We could work with house, techno, EDM, trap, hip-hop, Electronica or any genre the learners are interested in.

It will be possible for the learners to use Beat lab in their free time and use the professional tools, which is available such as synthesizers, drum machines and computers. The learners will be introduced to all of the equipment so that the learners have an understanding of how to use it.

If they wish, it will be possible to explore the DJ-profession and what it takes to mic and match music in genre and tempo, and efficient methods to get the audience involved..

There is room for learners of different levels. So come join us! If you have produced music before we can look at more advanced technics and if you are at beginner level we will starte with some basic technics.

Programmes we will use:
Ableton, Logic & evt. FL Studios, if you know how to use it.

The profile travel have not yet been determined, but might go to either Berlin, Amsterdam or Londom, as these are the places where electronic music have its roots. During the travel we will visit professional studios and if possible a night club in the day hours, so that we can try out our music at a real club. MAX 12 participants

Self-payment 1. periode - 2000DKK

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