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At Ranum Efterskole College we have transformed the basement into the perfect place for e-sport, as we see the possiblity for indivudal and team-based development, but also as a place to relax. E-sport as a concept have been an active community for some years, but the last 4-5 years it have gained a larger acknowledgement. E-sport is starting to become a hip thing and gamers are no longer stigmatised in the same level as a few years ago. Yes, we are still gaming geeks, but now it is accepted. Fact is that competitive gaming has been a part of the Danish society throughout the last 20 years. Here at Ranum Efterskole, we would like to make a culture of accepting every ones interests including the interest in competitive gaming, by giving the learners with this interest a possibility to meet to discuss strategy and experiences with each other. During the courses, we will focus on real-time strategy and first person shooters, but we will also have time to work on becoming a team as we play together. We will focus on strategies, cooperation and the creation of teams, which will be able to compete in national competitions. Our goal is to create a team and develop as a team. We will talk about planning, roles within the team and strategy. However, we also want to focus on healty life style as this creates the best gamers.

E-Sport Ranum Efterskole College from Ranum Efterskole College on Vimeo.

The travel

It has not yet been decided where the profile travel will go to and the learners will be able to influence the decisions of destination and programme for the travel.

Self-payment 1. periode: Approx. 2000DKK

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Rasmus Badstue     Ranum EC 3-150x150 heine

Rasmus Badstue                    Heine Kiesbüy

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