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Fit for life is a profile subject that focuses on physical training through strength training and material arts. It is a profile subject that provides the learner with both physical and mental results. This is the subject for those, who may not be in shape, but who seeks physical challenges. It is also for those, who wish to get in shape and be active every day and feel just how amazing it is when one’s body can do more than it could before. During this profile subject, we will challenge our comfort zone, an experience that we can do more than we thought and how we can use each other's strengths. As a starting point, we use the learner's physical abilities. Therefore, it so not about how good you are, but about your own will to change. The training will focus on Crossfit, strength training as well as elements of boxing and martial arts. We will develop ourselves physically and mentally, but the training itself will focus on the physical aspects and in extension the building up of your self-confidence. It is important that training is hard, efficient and that you learn to plan and work with your own training in the future. Besides the training, we will focus on good friendships. We will form a strong community in which all will be safe and supported in their individual development. Together we will achieve our goals.

The travel

The profle subject will bring us to Germany, where we will practice Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu, karate, and crossfir. There will also be focus on stretching, flexibility, and balance.

Terms and self-payment 

Terms: The profile subject concerns a large amount of physical training and activity. There will be a great focus on the prevention of injuries, however, this does not mean that you will not experience sore muscles and a little bruising.  

Self-payment 1. period: Approx. 1,- DKK

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Peter Friis Andersen      Annemette Bach

Peter F. Andersen              Anemette Bach
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