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In the profile subject Freediving, the art of underwater hunting is hidden. In this discipline, we will hunt fish with harpoon under the surface of the water without the use of cylinders. Everyone can participate and if you are a fish in the water, with the courage to try a different sport, freediving is just the thing for you.  We have classes three times a week. In the beginning, we will have one day with theory, one day in the swimming pool and one day in the water where we will hunt. We will be freediving during the day, however, it will also be possible to participate in freediving during the even, which is voluntary. It is a very special experience to swim through the water and outwit one's prey.

Freediving is built up around underwater hunting and as the name implies it is an activity where you are hunting under water. It is a sport that includes different elements such as shooting abilities with a harpoon, knowledge about the nature of the fish and the ability to move correctly in the water to hunt efficiently. It's important to keep a cool head and make the right decision. There will be evenings where we will go hunting, make a bonfire and talk about our experiences and stories from hunting. In Denmark, there is a great variation of different fish and every year hunters shoot fish up to 10 kg. To prepare a hunt can be interesting the excitement and happiness to shoot one's target goal is amazing. However, telling the story about the hunt afterwards around the bonfire is just as amazing as the hunt itself.

Underwater hunting can occur anytime of the day and at any time of the year. We will try to go freediving during different times of the day to get as many different experiences as possible.

The profile subject includes the following elements:

  • Classes in freediving
  • practice with harpoon
  • learning different techniques for underwater hunting
  • Learn about the waters that surround us and the kinds of fish and plants that can be found
  • Learn about the nature of the fish and where to hunt them
  • security and equitment
  • sustainability: Ethics and moral
  • the possibility to built your own harpoon. This will be part of evening activities.

Underwater hunting will be done without cylinder and everyone can learn it. Underwater hunting is an amazing experience and very intense. The quietness below the water surface and the adrenaline rush is indescribable. 

The travel

There is no specific destination for the travel, however, it will be with the borders of Europe. Previously, we have been to Norway. 

Terms and self-payment

Terms: The learners must be interested in classes about mental training, the ethics and moral of hunting and to have good health. All who wants to participate must pass a swimming test with a distance of 300 meters. 

Self-payment: Approx. 5000 DKK, however, it depends on the destination.



 Thomas Sloth Larsen

 Thomas Sloth

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