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In collaboration with the school’s own chefs and guest teachers, we will work with exciting ingredients and make dishes that challenge your tastebuds. We will not use recipes, but instead taste our way into the culinary universe. First and foremost, gastronomy is about conjure up some wonderful meals, however, gastronomy is more than 'just' food. Gastronomy is also a close and committing friendship, where we will work hard together in order to achieve the very best in cooking and food design! This may mean long days and that no one is finished until the whole team is


The first profile subject travel: The travel will bring us to Copenhagen. The Danish capital is a city which is in the absolute lead in regard to the world map of gastronomy. We will look closely at the New Nordic Kitchen, and visit restaurants that focus on this in their kitchens. Copenhagen is also the meeting with other cultures, and we have previously tried everything from sushi to French duck-sandwich! We will also cook ourselves, which we will shop for in the new food halls near Nørreport station. This profile subject travel will also provide you with a glance into the large hotels, their kitchens, and rooms.

The second profile subject travel: The travel will be going to Europe where we will gain new culinary experiences that we can take with us home. 

Terms and self-payment

Permission: We would like you to give your consent so we can arrange a wine tasting for the learners. It will be the teachers who are responsible for the wine tasting. Apart from this wine tasting, it is not allowed to consume alcohol. Please send you written consent on mail.    

Self-payment 1st period: Approx. 1,- DKK (Copenhagen)
Self-payment 3rd period: Approx. 3000,- DKK (Europe)

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Jan Rind Jensen     Jacob Vangaa

        Jan Rind Jensen                 Jacob Vangaa
                  Baker                            Souschef

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