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The profile subject ‘Guide and Eventcrew’ is for those, who are creative, take initiative and who want to give others some awesome experiences. Learners are very much active in creating and shaping this subject, where there are no limits! Focus is particularly on innovation and collaboration, which will also give learners an obvious approach to becoming a guide or youth leader in a club.

Our focus

Event – learners will plan and execute an event such as a concert, an outing for the school, a party or the like. Together we will create and develop a lot of events in- and outside the school. We will develop ideas together, plan, look into marketing and economy - all aspects of event planning.
Guide – we will arrange our expedition together and we will prepare our learners for all the various tasks a guide may have. We will also arrange guided walks in the area and gain an understanding of the travel business.
We will collaborate with other profile subjects such as gastronomy, media, design and performance.

Guide and Event

This class wil help prepare the learners for jobs within travel management or event coordinator 


  • Planning of bigger events 
  • Responsibility
  • Coordination
  • Contacts
  • Presentation technique


  • Projects that spans over a longer time frame 
  • Economy 
  • Responsibility
  • coordination
  • presentation technique


  • Planning of travels
  • introduction to the course guide

Bigger projects will be e.g. open house, exclusions, or events at school during the school year


  • Rethorics
  • Planning from A to Z
  • Budget
  • Presentation both written and oral
  • How to create and maintain contacts
  • How to generate ideas
  • Guide course
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Interdisciplinarity between media, gastronomy, dance, and performance

Once you have completed the course satisfactorily, you will receive a course certificate, which can be used when applying for a job as a guide or similar in the service industry. Do you dream about making a difference for others and work with other young people in a creative environment, then you should come and be a part of the guide and event crew here at Ranum Efterskole College!

Terms and self-payment

Terms: Curiosity, initiative and the desire to create and arrange some for other people and yourself

Self-payment 1st period: Approx. 2000,- DKK

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Mathilde Bonde Broberg Johansen

Mathilde B. Johansen
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