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Horses, Nature-sport and Imagination make an amazing combination. On horseback you will experience nature up close. Riding is as much a sport for your body as it is for your soul. Do you appreciate fresh air, togetherness and contemplation when then icelandic riding is just the subject for you. 

Icelandic riding

At Icelandic riding the learners are divided in small groups to ensure that there are enough time for all learnes, no matter if you have experience or are new to riding. During the classes, the learners will practice basics, journeys around the area and learn how to take care of the horses. The learners will spend around half the time with the horses and the other half in class planning and learning about the destination for the travel.

Vilsted Søgård

The icelandic horses enjoy life surrounded by the wonderful nature around Vilsted. They are outside all year around with everything they need including shelter. Vildsted Søgård is only a 10 minutes walk away from the school where they also have a riding ground. However, most importantly it is surrounded by wonderful nature.  



The travel

The travel will be planned when we have an overvoew of the learners' interests and level. 


The first period: The possible destinations include Læsø (Danish island), Sweden or Austria
The third period: Last year we went to Iceland, however, it will be possible to come with other suggestions.

Terms and self-payment

Self-payment 1st period: Approx. 3500 DKK (Danmark or Europe)
Self-payment 3rd period: Approx. 6000 DKK (Iceland)

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