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At Ranum Efterskole College six boats at our disposal with brand new sails and engines. We are training races and are going on sailing expeditions to Turkey, Greece, and Croatia. The learners will learn how to navigate and get the opportunity to take a merit certificate.  We will begin with training and theory about sailing in Denmark, where the temperatures at this time of year are ideal for sailing. For the expedition, we will travel to Croatia where experienced skippers will introduce learners to long voyages and Croatian history and culture. We will visit the National park of Krka and the finest islands and towns of Dalmatian - depending on where the wind and weather allow us to go. Sailing in the autumn term focus on both theory and practice in order to learn about navigation, safety, team-work, and planning. The school has six boats which we use for practice. We will learn practical maritime knowledge: trimming of sails, navigate by compass, GPS navigation, knots, harbor- and anchoring maneuvers and much more. Learners are prepared for and will take the practical merit test after our voyage. The theoretical merit test is also offered during this term, which means that the learners will have the option of acquiring a total merit certificate. An important element in sailing is team-work and communication amongst our crew, therefore we put in an effort to form crews that support each other.

The travel 

First period: The travel will go to Croatia. In this period we can get in the water from the beginning 

Third period: The travel will go to Greece. In this period the classes will consist of theory and we will first get into the water when we come to Greece. 

Terms and self-payment 

Terms: Sailing at Ranum Efterskole College occurs in line with the following safety instructions. It is important that you bring waterproof and warm clothing (preferably sailors clothing and fleece jacket) as well as waterproof footwear (Wellington boots) and sailor cloves (these can be bought at school for 100 DKK). In Addition, all learners must go through a swimming test cf. the safety instructions. 

Self-payment 1st period: Approx. 3500 DKK
Self-payment 3rd period: Approx. 3500 DKK 

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Andreas Latz     Ranum EC Mick Johns

Andreas Latz                             Mick Johns
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