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street performance

This profile subject is about using ‘Street culture’ as a tool or channel to experience other cultures and meet other young people with similar interests. We may build a long board together, meet with another group of young people in another part of the world - perhaps Berlin and share our interests in the sport and the activities from the communities in the street culture. Many learners are familiar with street culture in general, but in our classes they are introduced to many different aspects of street culture that will challenge them on a personal level and give them new targets for their training. In our street performance workshop learners will be able to realize their own ideas under the guidance of skilled teachers, and a part of the classes will focus on projects managed by the learners in order to strenghten responsibility, team-work and communication. During the course of this subject, we may also visit different skate- and street destinations in Denmark.

The travel

Our travel may take us to Berlin, which has a unique street environment and culture. We will use social media to arrange a meeting with other young people, in order to experience their street culture and life.

Terms and self-payment

Terms: Street Performance equals a lot acitivity with the possiblity for smaller injurings due to jumps, falling ect. Therefore, if you wnat to participate it is imporatnt that you wear the proper equipment.

Self-payment 1st period: 2000DKK. In addition to this is the price for personal equipment. Link to the shop


Richard Brown

Richard Brown
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