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Why choose waterperformance?

Choose this profile subject, if you are crazy about water and want to challenge yourself in different sports activities in- and on the water!Everyone can join - if you are a beginner or an experienced surfer. You will have plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself, whilst having fun with your friends.

What is the content?

At Ranum Efterskole College we have divided the profile subject to three groups where you can choose between wakeboarding, surfe, or windsuring. However, no matter you choice we will let wind and weather determine from time to time, what activities we will do and it is, though, important that you are willing to jump into the water in all kinds of weather.


Our primary activity is wakeboarding as we have the perfect condictions for this due to our new 2.0 system in the lake at Rønbjerg Resort.


Here the primary activity is of course Surf. We will go to Klitmøller when the weather allows it, as this place creates the best conditions for surfing.

Windsurfing at Trend Strand

Here we learn how to contral the board and sail. The goal is to have fun in the water as well as on shore. you will learn different aspects of windsurfing and we will also arrange SUP board trips to Vilsted lake when the weather allows it.

In general

There are many aspects of waterperformance - also aspects that does not include being in the water. We will challenge and train strength and balance on land. Balance training is primarily on indo-boards, springboards, trampolines and the like. Strength training is primarily core training. We will also learn about our destination for our expedition - prepare ourselves for the culture we will meet and experience, so that we may do so with an open mind. Besides our profile subject lessons, we will also try to arrange weekend excursions, so we have more time on the water and we will be fully prepared for our expedition at the end of the term.

The travel

The goal of our travel is to experience a different culture, feel the diversity and learn about the nature and surroundings of our destination. It is exiting to travel and very educational to test oneself under new conditions. You will find that weather conditions for water sports activities are often better abroad, and we will strengthen our bonds as a group on this trip. The expedition itself is also a goal for the group as a whole to prepare itself for. We will live, eat and act as the locals and we will get to know them as they will get to know us.

Terms and self-payment

Terms: It is importnt at that you like water and have courage to gets yourself.

Self-payment 1st periode: Approx. 4500DKK . If you do not get af seat this time, write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - to get a seat on the waitinglist/to get on the list for third period. You still have to choose another subject for the next period

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Who will teach us?
At Ranum Efterskole College we have most competent educators and instructors in all subjects. In waterperformance you will be taught by teachers at the school and prof. guest instructors. They are all expereinced in their sports - in Denmark and aborad - so you will have the best foundation for learning and development!

Anja Lykke Nielsen Ranum EC Kim Glerup web
Anja Lykke Nielsen
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Kim Glerup
Water Performance.
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