Tuition, boarding fees and Ranum Host Package

School tuition for  the academic year 2020/21 at Ranum Efterskole College is 42 weeks x 2500 DKK = 105,000 DKK and includes boarding, meals,  tuition, school clothing + backpack. Long weekends and holidays not inluded.

International learners, who does not have any relations in Denmark, are required to add the Ranum Full Host Package to their stay. The additional costs for this host package is 65,000 DKK for the academic year and includes:

• International mentor.

• Visa: assistance in relation to the ST1 application process and payment of Case Order Id Fee (currently 2110 DKK)*.

• Health insurance: assistance in relation to applying for the Danish National Health Insurance.

• Costs and arrangements related to transfers and local transport: in relation to travels between the school and the home during the academic year.

• Bicycle: rental of personal bicycle and helmet for the whole academic year.

• International book package: learners enrolled in the IGCSE or AS programmes must purchase our book package that covers syllabuses in all subjects. This book package has a total value of 1750  DKK.

• Exam fees and certificates: including for subjects such as Diving and Sailing.

• Bed linen and towels: changed every 2 weeks.

• 3 profile/culture travels: primarily in Europe and countries where travels do not exceed a total of 12,000 DKK per year for the 3 travels - granted that learners may achieve Visa.

• 1 Autumn holiday package: may include Host family visit or excursion.

• 1 Christmas holiday package: may include Host family visit or excursion.

• Long weekend packages (Thursday-Sunday/Friday-Monday): may include Host family visit.


An academic year at Ranum Efterskole College including full boarding and the Host package is 170,000 DKK. Parents are responsible for flight ticket to- and from Denmark, Registration fee 2000 DKK and travel- and Liability insurance. The Danish National Health Insurance and the School’s Business Insurance cover all enrolled learners.

*Please note that Case Order Id Fee/Visa is not to be confused with ‘Handling Fee’ - a fee charged at the Danish Embassy when processing the ST1 application.


Contact the international office for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via telephone +45 96 66 44 06. For generel administration contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +45 96 66 44 00


Host Families and Holidays

The school will be closed during national holidays and a few long weekends. International learners under the Full Host Package are quaranteed hosting by the school or be offered a Danish host family during their stay at Ranum Efterskole College. The host family will be a 'reserve' family for those learners that may not be able to- or wish to make the journey home during a weekend or a holiday, but who still want a retreat from school to relax and/or experience Danish culture and traditions. For international learners who have chosen not to add the Full Host Package, it will be a requirement that the familiy/parents have made arrangements on their own for a Danish Contact or Host family for closed long weekends and holidays.


International Meetings

All international learners are invited to an international meeting min. every 2-3 weeks. These meetings are informal and mainly of a social nature - an opportunity for international learners to share experiences, form a network and discuss any issues or questions related to being an international learner in Dennmark and at Ranum Efterskole College. The international meetings are organised by the international department.


Connecting Ranum with the World...

Ranum Efterskole College has its own private buses and collaborates with the national 'Efterskolebussen'. In relation to long weekends and holidays, the buses will drive down through Jutland, stopping in major connecting cities and towns, such as Aalborg, Århus, Odense and Copenhagen.



As a Danish efterskole and an international Cambridge School we strive to provide all our information in both Danish and English, and any correspondence between the home and the school will be in English (families with Danish speaking family members, may request to receive information in Danish).

All of our staff members in the administration and all teachers teaching the international programme are fluent in English, and will be able to answer any enquiries you may have in relation to a stay here at Ranum Efterskole College.


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